for Rozanne Gold

Lunching with Stacey
at the soon-to-close Four
Seasons, sipping my
champagne cocktail I
overheard the State
Department is in a state
of perpetual war
attack counterattack never
give an inch just like
the English department
well, some were born to bicker
and they get the prize
of being the last one
left to say “I’m right”
but you and I want
to make things that will
last or vanish like
love or the most expensive
dish on the menu

Stacey & DL La Grenoulle 2016 David Lehman has taught in the New School’s MFA Writing Program since its inception in 1996. His new book of poetry is “Poems in the Manner Of,” coming from Scribner in March 2017.

featured image via Reclaiming Provincial.

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