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Via Becky Harlan

Students Serve Up Stories Of Beloved Family Recipes In A Global Cookbook

  Students in Washington, D.C. share recipes in global cookbook… Washington, D.C.’s Capital City Public Charter School feels like a mini United Nations. Many of the school’s 981 students are first-generation Americans with backgrounds spanning the globe, from El Salvador to Nigeria to Vietnam. So when the staff of the literacy non-profit 826DC began a […]

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Via Lee Malan, Rooi Rose

Reuben Riffel on Becoming a Top Chef in Post-Apartheid South Africa

  Chef Reuben Riffel on South African food and culture after Apartheid… In his early restaurant jobs, Reuben Riffel worked as a waiter, a barman, and a kitchen hand in his hometown of Franschhoek, South Africa. Eventually he became a sous-chef, helping to run the kitchen at Chamonix Restaurant. One afternoon the executive chef called […]

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‘Handwritten Recipes #01: Caramel Custard,’ by Rozanne Gold

Editors note: Dear Inquisitive Eaters—the following was originally published by our good friends over at Handwritten, a place in space for pen and paper. It’s part of Handwritten Recipes, Handwritten’s new column curated by chef and food writer Rozanne Gold. We wanted to share it with you today to put this wonderful column on your radar; check […]

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‘Muji Soup,’ by Brett Rawson

Appetizers | Joy of Writing One sweltering summer in New York City, a writing mentor of mine impressed upon me the importance of pre-writing. I spent many afternoons across from her, swaying in her mother’s rocking chair as she stretched out on the sofa. I see her there now—left leg dangling down the side, right […]

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foodnews 7.13.2015

It’s 5 PM, What’s For Dinner?

It’s that time again; you’re thinking about dinner and what to cook. So here’s our weekly list of suggestions: dinner recipes that take less than an hour of mostly hands-off time or cook quicker then that but may require constant stirring. Yes, there will be pasta, and, yes, it will be delicious. Martha Stewart has […]

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photo via Modern Farmer.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Will Remove Artificial Preservatives and Synthetic Colors, What Will Be Left?

After a prolonged battle with public opinion (and one particular besieged activist who goes by the name The Food Babe), Kraft is reworking its recipe for its iconic Macaroni & Cheese to remove artificial preservatives and synthetic colors. Kraft’s blue-boxed Mac & Cheese is a beautiful distillation of the past century of American cuisine, a […]

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In The Land Of Floats And Beads, You’d Better Bring Deviled Eggs

The morning of Mardi Gras calls for something a little hardier — and a little more indulgent — than your average bowl of Wheaties. After all, a long day lies ahead, thick with flying beads, outlandish parade floats and food in every form and function. When partying in New Orleans starts as early as dawn, […]

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Fat Tuesday: The Many Different Doughnuts Of Mardi Gras

The history of doughnuts is intrinsically linked to the celebration of Mardi Gras. “Fat Tuesday” — the Christian day of revelry and indulgence before the austere season of Lent — features dough deep-fried in fat as its main staple. Read more from NPR’s Kitchen Window.

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Comment String to a Recipe for Korean Soy-Braised Short Ribs

by Stacey Harwood kitchen vixen: These were delicious. I made them over the weekend for my husband’s game night. I made them the day before, then skimmed the fat before reheating.  Then I served them with a big bowl of white rice and some spicy greens.  For dessert, I made chocolate chip cookies.  Everything was […]

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Alamos The Taste Recipe

Recipe from “The Taste”: Five Spice Crusted Short Rib with Eggplant and Miso Black Garlic Jus

In response to Fabio Parasecoli’s post about “The Taste,” we’ve received an exclusive winning recipe from the show.   Gregg Drusinsky won the “Daring Parings,” challenge where contestants had to create a dish to pair with Alamos Malbec, a bold Argentinian wine. Gregg won the challenge with his short rib recipe, listed below.  Cook away and let […]

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