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Via The Salt

A New Type Of Food Pantry Is Sprouting In Yards Across America

There’s a small-scale charity movement starting to take hold in neighborhoods across the country. Think of those “little free library” boxes, but with a twist: These are small pantries stocked with free food and personal care items like toothbrushes and diapers for people in need. Read on at The Salt.

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Researchers Develop New Tool to Track Affordability and Availability of Nutritious Foods in Africa

When the headlines talk about food prices rising, which foods are they actually talking about? Too often, they represent basic staple grains or a basket of foods unrelated to nutritional needs. A project called Indicators of Affordability of Nutritious Diets in Africa (IANDA) is working to change that. Researchers at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition, University […]

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How To Feed Low-Income Children During the Summer

It’s a challenge making sure that low-income children who get free- and reduced-priced meals during the school year continue to get fed during the summer months. Government meal programs served 3.8 million children on an average summer day last year — far fewer than the 22 million children who got subsidized meals during the school […]

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Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Rodale, via The Plate

What About Restaurant Employees Buying Ingredients Through The Restaurant?

At egg restaurant in Brooklyn, Hanczor allows all 25 employees to buy virtually any ingredient the restaurant purchases, virtually at cost. (He adds 5 percent or less to save in a fund to keep the program sustainable as it grows.) Every server and line cook has a daily, low-priced farmers market at work where the fine ingredients […]

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Powder Old Food, Be Humanitarian

The newest trend: Some creative grad students in Sweden’s Lund University Food Innovation and Product Design program have found another way to avoid dumping expiring fruits and veggies into the compost bin — by powdering it. FoPo Food Powders, funded through Kickstarter this year, partners with farmers and food retailers to give their expiring fruits and veggies a new life. […]

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CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture, via Food Tank

West African Food Security Post-Ebola

As the West African countries heaviest hit by the Ebola outbreak look to rebuild, food security and nutrition will be key to combatting the lingering effects of the disease. In Liberia and Sierra Leone, agriculture makes up roughly half of each country’s GDP. In Guinea, agriculture makes up at least a quarter of the country’s GDP, and […]

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Food Security in the U.S. is Slowly Getting Better

But the latest Gallup poll on food insecurity in America offers a hint of hope: The percentage of Americans who say they did not have enough money to buy food for themselves or their families in the last 12 months dropped to its lowest level since 2008 – 17.2 percent, down from 18.9 percent in 2013, the […]

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Women Feeding the World In The Face of Climate Change

On Wednesday morning a diverse group of experts, decision makers, and students came together for the Planet Forward salon, “Women and Girls: Nourishing the Planet in the Face of Climate Change.”  The two-hour conversation touched on a multitude of issues facing the planet and the women, particularly in developing countries, who are working to feed the world […]

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Climate Change Will Make Us Hungrier

Earlier this week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change—a multinational expert group chartered by the United Nations, known as the IPCC—issued its latest report, and its predictions for how changing climate will affect food production are dismaying. The panel made its Synthesis Report available now because a new international treaty on climate will be attempted […]

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At The Intersection of Monkey Meat and Ebola

At the end of the Vice News video “Monkey Meat and the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia,” the soundtrack turns to a song titled “Ebola in Town,” a tune by Liberian artists Shadow and D12 that has gone viral in West Africa. While it is a catchy dance song, one of the repetitive lyrics, “no eating […]

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