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Designing the Future of Food

  We can learn something – actually quite a lot – about our culture by looking at how we imagine the future of food. Are we all going to starve, as Malthus prophesied back in the eighteenth century? Or will we find ways to feed the growing humankind? And what kind of resilience will we […]

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2nd International Conference on Food Design, Conference Proceedings

On behalf of The New School, Food Design Society, and Food Design North America we are happy to share with you the 2nd International Conference on Food Design Conference Proceedings. View the Conference Proceedings by professionals, practitioners, and researchers discussing the fundamental aspects of this burgeoning field.

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foodnews 10.15.2015 sproutcore1200

China’s Newest Trend: Bean Sprouts Pinned To Your Hair

Intersections of food, design, and fashion…quite literally. One of the newest hairstyle trends in China’s cultural center, Beijing, really speaks to those of us who care deeply about the beauty of food (if not fashion): bean sprouts, pinned to the hair. Some English-language reporters have dubbed it “Sproutcore.” For more on the trend and lovely […]

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2nd International Conference On Food Design

To Register visit The New School Events Page. For program details visit fooddesign2015.com

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foodnews 8.11.2015 shroomsfabio

Food on Show: Two Exhibitions in Rome

By Fabio Parasecoli, Associate professor and coordinator of food studies, The New School. Not to be outclassed by Milan, where the Expo 2015 – with more or less success – has turned the spotlight on food and nutrition as one on the most urgent issues of our time, Rome has now its own food-themed exhibitions. A […]

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foodnews fooddesign 8.5.2015

A Brief Rundown Of Graphic Design And Fast Food

  When Danny Meyer opened his first Shake Shack kiosk in New York’s Madison Square Garden, Pentagram’s Paula Scher designed the environmental graphics, striking an admirable balance of Coney Island scale with sophisticated letterforms. Since its expansion, Paula has designed new iterations of the identity, maintaining its clean, modern aesthetic and applying it to menu […]

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Gallery: Food Design North America at The New School

On June 9, 2014, a group of designers, media professionals, academics, chefs and museum curators met at The New School to discuss what has now become Food Design North America, a group that connects people interested in the theory and practice of Food Design. With the help of the Dining Services of The New School, […]

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The Cultures of “Fresco”: Food Design in Latin America

By Fabio Parasecoli, Associate professor and coordinator of food studies, The New School. For a few days, Bogotá turned into the South American capital of food design. The second annual meeting of the Red Latinoamericana de Food Design (the Latin American network of food design) took place at the Industrial Taylor, a state-of-the-art food business facility, from October […]

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Chloe Rutzerveld

The Future of 3D Printed Food

Using layers of edible plants, seeds, spores, and other microorganisms, Edible Growth creates intricate small meals that combine living mushrooms and greens with the mechanization of the most industrialized foods. In a nutshell, the Edible Growth products are composed of a nutritious base, or “edible matrix,” of nuts, fruits, agar, and protein (which can even come […]

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foodnews 9.9.14 gastro2


  An interactive series done by Nicholas Blechman on Food Chains titled ‘Gastro Architecture’. To view the interactive piece visit the New York Times. 

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