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‘My Review of a Corporate Eden,’ by Sam Roos

The buffet is everything. Alpha and Omega. It presides from the massive cruise ship’s highest deck, encased in glass, like an aquarium with a make-your-own-pizza bar. It’s named “The Garden,” doubtless after Eden. But it belongs elsewhere in the Old Testament. This Garden is a Sodom of sodium, a Gomorrah of GMOs. It is the […]

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‘Do You Like Pinabora?’ by José García

I used to live in a building that belonged to a Pakistani family. “Welcome,” I was greeted once, after class, by one of the owners. “What’s your name?” “José, from Guatemala,” I said. Before coming to NY I had spent a week in Miami with other international students so I picked up the habit of […]

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December’s Monthly Mix: Migration

The Inquisitive Eater fed you three randomly chosen food related words; couscous, dough, and peas. One of our best responses was the science-fiction short by Eli Nunes.   Migration Dr. Salma Azoulay leaned lightly against a small, circular window. Beyond it lay the dark void speckled with promises and possibilities. One sphere loomed larger than […]

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Fiction: One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

By Leah Umansky Chester swam away from the light. He liked the murk, and the cool side of the sand. He taunted and teased but never entered the pearly web of heaven when it was laid before him. He knew he was safe. No one wanted a lobster. Until one day, while practicing his falsetto, […]

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Fiction: The Lost Order

  I was at home, not making spaghetti. I was trying to eat a little less often, it’s true. A yogurt in the morning, a yogurt at lunchtime, ginger candies in between, and a normal dinner. I don’t think of myself as someone with a “weight issue,” but I had somehow put on a number […]

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