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New C.D.C. Chief Saw Coca-Cola as Ally in Obesity Fight

Using Coca-Cola’s money to solve obesity…. When she was health commissioner of Georgia, the state with one of the highest rates of child obesity, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald faced two enormous challenges: How to get children to slim down and how to pay for it. Her answer to the first was Power Up for 30, a […]

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NYC Councilman Proposes Banning Toys From Unhealthy Kids’ Meals

  Councilman Ben Kallos is set to introduce a bill Thursday that would set stricter nutrition standards for kids’ meals that come with toys. The proposed legislation would bar fast-food joints from offering free toys, coupons and other incentives with a kids’ meal if the food served contains more than 500 calories and more than […]

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Italian Food in Crisis? Italians, Their Food, and the Foreign Press

Over the past few days, a couple of pieces in the American press — later translated in Italian media — have drawn attention to some of the least glamorous aspects of the culinary trend “Made in Italy.” In The New York Times, a graphic piece by Nicholas Blechman entitled “Extra Virgin Suicide: The Adulteration of […]

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Teenagers Are Getting More Exercise and Vegetables

Teenagers are exercising more, consuming less sugar and eating more fruits and vegetables, a trend that may be contributing to a leveling off of obesity rates, a new study shows. The findings suggest that aggressive anti-obesity messages aimed at children may be starting to make a difference, albeit a small one. The study was published in […]

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Children and Food | The New School for Public Engagement

The Food Studies program at The New School in New York City draws on a range of disciplines to explore the connections between food and the environment, politics, history, and culture. Food Studies |http://www.newschool.edu/ce/foodstudies As public debate about childhood obesity rages, the complex relationship between children and food is in danger of being obscured by […]

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Food Justice Comes to New York

by Andrea Vocos Republished from The New School Free Press At a Goodwill in the South Bronx, Heidi Hynes and her 8-year-old daughter deliver two bags filled with carrots, onions, potatoes, lettuce, and other produce to a man in the neighborhood. The area has quite a few fast food places are in the area, but no […]

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