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Via Megan Farmer /KUOW

‘Environmental Nightmare’ After Thousands Of Atlantic Salmon Escape Fish Farm

  A cascade of ecosystem effects believed to be caused by high tides… Commercial fishing boats are scrambling to catch as many Atlantic salmon as they can after a net pen broke near Washington’s Cypress Island. Fishers reported thousands of the non-native fish jumping in the water or washing ashore. A fish farm’s net pen […]

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Via Maxim Zmeyev/AFP/Getty Images

Can We Feed The World With Farmed Fish?

  On the potential of aquaculture… For years, scientists and activists have sounded the alarm that humans’ appetite for seafood is outpacing what fishermen can sustainably catch. But new research suggests there is space on the open ocean for farming essentially all the seafood humans can eat. A team of scientists led by Rebecca Gentry, […]

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