Because there are many cheesy sentiments, but not many sentiments about cheese.

Dear Camembert,

How I miss your smiling face! Not only were you a stinky liar—a demure 7 ounces, your nutrition label claimed to serve 35!—but when I saw you on sale, unwanted and about to expire, I doubted your fatty goodness. After all, what kind of French cheese costs $1.99?

Oh, you were creamy! But not the mighty 3,500 calories you claimed to be. Did you give a sh*t? No, no whey.

And until the very end you laughed, living large in a fat-free world.


Pune Dracker is studying creative nonfiction at the New School. She writes, runs and dances, and is a huge proponent of sauerkraut.

Featured image via Pixabay.

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