for Stacey

The best thing about Paris
is being here with you
(a Sauterne with one course,
a Cote de Beaune with the next)
and the best thing about
being here with you
is Paris (three letters short
of paradise but I
wouldn’t have it any
other way) on this November
day of clean blue skies
(a Chablis with one course,
a Pomerol with the next)
after yesterday’s umbrellas three
stories below our window
where three streets meet
in the cold gray rain
of a new day in the past
which we’re keeping alive

Stacey & DL La Grenoulle 2016 David Lehman has taught in the New School’s MFA Writing Program since its inception in 1996. His new book of poetry is “Poems in the Manner Of,” coming from Scribner in March 2017.

featured image via L.C. Nøttaasen on Flickr.

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