this side of the river, religious mendicant charmer,
that soon ripens, cut in the season of dew,
like a collyrium, black stains on the eyelid of a deer,
besmeared, molasses and curd, eel’s blood, iron powder,
black resembling buffalo hides, buffalo, gentle holder of matted hair.

Source: Races of Rice in India. New Delhi: Agricole Pub. Academy, 1980.

img_5170 Dave Snyder is a writer and farmer whose poems, essays and criticism have appeared in Best American Poetry, Gastronomica, Colorado Review, The Iowa Review and elsewhere. He runs a biointensive vegetable farm for Pisticci Restaurant in New York City. Previously, he managed a workplace training farm in Chicago and has worked as an English teacher, radio producer and cartographer.

featured image via PICSSR.

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