All Things Are Tragic When a Mother Watches

There’s a black box

where all dreams are encrypted.


Hyper-groomed strangers

strangle each other

fight every fire

werewolves, vampires, politicians

flipping through the sky

charbroiled burgers

over sizzling fries

covered lovers

slamming doors


heroes catching

the fallen


get murdered


raped and murdered


in trunks

cops win

stacks of money

bashful incontinence


to cure your reflection


Behind the black box,

a hive of open eyes.


maggie-wellsMaggie Wells is the author of Pluto (The Wrath of Dynasty 2011), and co-editor of Emotion Road (Press Body Press 2007). She has been published in Best American Erotic Poems: From 1800 to the Present, The Cadence of Hooves Anthology, Nailed Magazine, Dick Pig Review, and others. She was featured in the Free Lunch mentor series and nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2008.

Maggie is currently an advice columnist under a pseudonym and has been living in Nashville for the last 16 months. For a good time, you can read her poem, Role Play, here.

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