‘Refrigerator Rhapsody’ by Alex Dreppec


‘Raspberry Cake Inverted’ by Alex Dreppec


Revered, renowned refrigeration –
restrain ricotta’s ruination,
relieve, reveal, reseal, retain,
reshaping rumpled, rough romaine,
relentlessly revitalize.
Relieved, repast rough robbers rise,
refrigerator, restlessly
repudiate rough robbery,
refined, renowned refrigerators
repel remorseless repast raiders,
rebuild respectability –
rockmelons roll relentlessly.
Ratatouille’s racy ration!
Rich retsina’s reputation!
Refrigerator, ritziest,
reveal rotten ravioli’s rest,
repudiate renascent, rancid
rough rubber rolmop, ruined rabbit.


Photo credit: Ellen Eckhardt

Photo credit: Ellen Eckhardt

Alex Dreppec was born 1968 close to Frankfurt as “Alexander Deppert,” studied psychology and linguistics and went to Boulder/Colorado for his Ph.D. (finished 2001). He is a German author with hundreds of publications (both poetry and science) in German journals and anthologies, both the most renowned (“Der große Conrady” – since 2008) and the best sold among them, and quite a few English publications. “Wilhelm Busch” Prize 2004. Also invented the Science Slam and a fruit salad sauce (yogurt, grapefruit juice, cardamum powder, shredded coconut, & sweetener).


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