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Via Jason Merritt/Getty Images

A Customer Is Suing Papa John’s for Bombarding Him With Text Messages

A man named Jonathan Anozie is living this nightmare, reports TMZ, and the offending creepster is Papa John. Well, it probably isn’t real-life Papa John’s founder John Schnatter sending the texts, but an automated marketing system for his pizza chain is apparently overloading Anozie’s mobile notifications with offers for discounted pies. As such, the Beverly […]

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A Major Reservation Service Keeps a ‘No Show’ Blacklist

It’s no secret that, in this business of razor-thin margins, no-show diners can easily hurt a restaurant’s bottom line. Some chefs and restaurateurs have taken to publicly complaining about the issue; many more choose to charge a fee for diners who make a reservation, but don’t show up for their black-bass crudo. One Australian reservation service, however, […]

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Via Eater

Pizza Chains Want a Larger Slice of the Delivery Pie

*insert pizza emoji here* For millions of Americans, Friday night was always pizza delivery night. But today, with mobile-based food delivery and ordering apps popping up left and right, Big Pizza is taking a hit. America’s largest pizza chains are playing defense, and using technology and social media — to sometimes great and sometimes gimmicky […]

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This Machine Prints Portraits With Coffee

We’ve all seen printers use ink, and if you’ve been to a Maker Faire you may have been lucky enough to see a machine printing with chocolate or pancake batter. RIT Assistant Professor Ted Kinsman decided that he wanted to print with coffee. “For many years I have thought about building a machine that could […]

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Gary S. Chapman, via Modern Farmer

Apps Transform Farming in India

Vijayaragavan Viswanathan, a scientist with the European Organization for Nuclear Research, resides in the Czech Republic, but he’s no stranger to his native land’s agrarian woes. Growing up in southern India, Viswanathan saw firsthand how limited access to education and basic crop information kept many farmers locked in a cycle of low productivity and poverty. […]

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Jack Townsend, via Grist

Let’s Use the Internet of Things to Fight Climate Change

…we have an incredibly powerful tool for sustainability right at our fingertips, and we don’t even realize it. In fact, you’re using it right now. It’s literally at your fingertips! It’s the internet — that little old thing that has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives in just a matter of decades. Most people use the […]

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Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons, via Mother Jones

Follow @FactsOnClimate For Obama’s Climate Change Plans

The White House launched a new Twitter handle devoted to climate change Tuesday afternoon. The stream, called @FactsOnClimate, claims to provide “the facts on how @POTUS is combating climate change in the U.S. and mobilizing the world to #ActOnClimate.” The first three tweets highlight the most important pieces of President Barack Obama’s climate legacy: His signature plan to slash greenhouse gas […]

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California Wineries and Irrigation Technology

It’s a hot October day in Northern California, and I’m roving a sea of endless green vineyards, which I’m sure haven’t felt much rain this summer. That’s when I notice the irrigation lines for the first time, then begin to see them everywhere. I imagine the wine industry to be a serious drain on California […]

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Joe Nicholson/USA Today Sports, via The Guardian

Tech Solutions: What to Do About The Water

US baseball team the Seattle Mariners has been putting its grounds on a water diet for the past three years. With roughly two million fans passing through its stadium and restrooms, as well as a grass field to maintain, this is no mean feat. But by using sensors and software to analyse water use in […]

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Photo via Steve Kachilla, Munchies

Pizza Is The Most Photographed Food on Instagram

Pizza is the true food of the people. A sauce-smothered crowdpleaser to placate awkward dining partners (Gwyneth Paltrow herself couldn’t refuse a two-for-one Pizza Express deal) and late night munchies attacks alike. Even those self-hating pizza deniers must feel a twinge of regret when face-to-face with the doughy, cheese smothered slices of happiness. What other foodstuff […]

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