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Via Tristan Spinski

The Deliciously Fishy Case of the “Codfather”

  The story of Carlos Rafael… The fake Russians met the Codfather on June 3, 2015, at an inconspicuous warehouse on South Front Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The Codfather’s lair is a green and white building with a peaked roof, fishing gear strewn across a fenced-in backyard, and the words “Carlos Seafood” stamped above the […]

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Warmer Oceans Could Boost The Toxins In Your Shellfish Dinner

Domoic acid is a toxin produced by Pseudo-nitzschia, a micro algae which can accumulate in species like Dungeness crab, clams, mussels and anchovy. It can be harmful to both humans and wildlife, including sea lions and birds. Remember the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds? It was inspired by a real-life incident of California seabirds driven into a frenzy […]

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The Obamas Finish Their Hawaiian Vacation With Martinis and Sustainable Seafood

While you were lazing around at your parents’ house eating the contents of their freezer, the Obamas were making the rounds of Hawaii’s restaurant scene during their final vacation as the First Family. On Friday night, POTUS and the First Lady dined at Mahina and Sun’s at the Surfjack Hotel in Waikiki. Read on at Eater.

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In California, Squid Is Big Business. But Good Luck Eating Local Calamari

Calamari is a favorite on American dinner tables. But while the U.S. has a thriving squid industry, chances are the calamari you are eating made a 12,000-mile round trip before ending up on your dinner plate. That, or it wasn’t caught in the U.S. at all. Read on at The Salt.

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Can we have our sustainable seafood and eat it too?

You know the feeling: You’re standing in front of the seafood counter, running down the list of evils you might be supporting when you buy one of those gleaming filets. There’s overfishing, but also pollution from fish farming, not to mention bycatch, marine habitat destruction, illegal fishing … and that’s before getting to the problem […]

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Fish For Thought: Eat a Wild Fish, Save a Fisherman

Last month, to little fanfare, a thinktank called the Earth Policy Institute announced that humankind is on the verge of crossing a remarkable threshold: For the first time in history, we’ll soon be eating more farmed fish than wild-caught seafood. American eaters are notoriously disconnected from our seafood’s origins, which is why McDonald’s can get […]

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Some question whether sustainable seafood delivers on its promise

The Washington Post reports on seafood’s true environmental effects.  Fish now carry dozens of labels indicating where it was raised, how it was raised.  But the question is, does all that really matter? Many retailers tout the environmental credentials of their seafood, but a growing number of scientists have begun to question whether these certification […]

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