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USDA/Flickr, via The Salt

How To Feed Low-Income Children During the Summer

It’s a challenge making sure that low-income children who get free- and reduced-priced meals during the school year continue to get fed during the summer months. Government meal programs served 3.8 million children on an average summer day last year — far fewer than the 22 million children who got subsidized meals during the school […]

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School Food Hits the Radio Waves

The Inside School Food online radio program, which airs on the Inside School Food website Mondays at 11 AM EST, features discussions with experts about ways to make school lunches healthier and more sustainable. Host Laura Stanley explains, that Inside School Food is a “forum for professionals and advocates working in K-12 food service.” Past episodes have […]

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USDA to Fund New Round of Farm-to-School Grants

For years, the U.S. has been funding school lunch programs at a level that pretty much only allows for disgustingness. And that hasn’t changed. But the USDA is now parceling out money to help various pilot programs and projects around the country. On Dec. 2, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack went down to Common Market, a sustainable food […]

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Claire Eggers/NPR

Healthy School Lunches That Don’t Get Thrown Away

You can lead a child to vegetables, but can you make her eat them? A child, for instance, like Salem Tesfaye, a first-grader at Walker-Jones Educational Campus in Washington, D.C. Tesfaye picked up a lunch today that’s full of nutrition: chicken in a whole-wheat wrap, chopped tomatoes and lettuce from local farms, a slice of […]

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Foodnews 10.9.14 lunch

How School Lunch Became the Latest Political Battleground

The lunch ladies loved Marshall Matz. For more than 30 years, he worked the halls and back rooms of Washington for the 55,000 dues-paying members of the School Nutrition Association, the men and still mostly women who run America’s school-lunch programs. They weren’t his firm’s biggest clients — that would have been companies like General […]

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Hans Pennink/AP

Choice At School Means Kids Eat Their Vegetables

In many communities, the local school district is the largest food provider, filling thousands of hungry bellies every day. But trying to feed healthful food to some of the pickiest eaters can result in mountains of wasted food. Now, many schools are finding that giving kids a say in what they eat can cut down […]

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School Meals Fix A Lot Of Problems Says World Food Programme

At the cost of 25 cents each, school meals are one of the most affordable investments the world can make in its collective future. It’s also one of the smartest. WFP estimates that every dollar invested in school meals yields $3 in economic returns. School meals don’t just help hungry children either. They improve the […]

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What Local School Lunch Looks Like in Alaska

From the Alaska Dispatch (thank you, John Eller): School officials and Alaska farmers are raving about a program that’s putting substantial state money toward school meals for the first time, saying the $3 million grant has improved student diets across the state and given challenged growers a reliable market. School cafeterias from Unalaska to Juneau are suddenly dishing up […]

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9-yr-old banned from photographing lunches in Scotland

9-year-old Martha Payne of western Scotland has been documenting the unappealing, poor nutritional meals offered by her public school.  Payne, whose mother is a doctor and father has a small farming property, started blogging in early May and went viral in days. She had a million viewers within a few weeks and 2 million this […]

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Blogging for better meals

9-year old Scottish student Martha Payne found her school lunches lacking– lacking in nutrition, substance, and overall inspiration. So, with the permission of school administrators, Payne began to photograph her lunches with her father’s digital camera and post them to her blog NeverSeconds, along with a rating system she devised, in order to raise awareness […]

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