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Photo: Cameron Yates, via Grub Street

15-Year-Old Reviews 16-Year-Old Chef Flynn McGarry

“This seems like a nice place for a pop-up, Dad, but it might need a little more light,” says my daughter Jane as we survey the vaulted (and yes, dimly lit) space down on Hudson Street where the wunderkind teenage cook Flynn McGarry has, for the last several weeks, been making his much-anticipated New York debut. McGarry, […]

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Hunt & Darton, Cake and Craziness: A Performance Art Café

  Step inside though and all that changes. I am seated at what appears to be an old tea trolley, decorated with china dogs and an assortment of mismatched cutlery. In fact, the whole place is kitted out with charity shop finds, giving the impression that it has been recently vacated in haste by the […]

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Book Review: The GMO Deception

The GMO Deception: A Review by Maeve McInnis Do we want to live in a world where all of our food has been at one point genetically altered, where synthetic chemicals are sprayed on our food, and the corporations have complete control over all aspects of our food? Or, would we like to buy vegetables […]

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Book Review: Fashioning Appetite

Fashioning Appetite: A Review by Samantha Felix In the three years my husband and I have owned and operated a small neighborhood restaurant in the East Village of New York, I have found that the single most important thing I can do to ensure our success is to properly train the front of house staff. […]

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Wylie Dufresne Compares Two Japanese Themed Cookbooks

The first thing that struck Wylie Dufresne about these cookbooks was how very different they actually are: Japanese Farm Food is a love letter to an entire culture, encompassing many varied elements, whereas Asian Tofu focuses not only on a single subject, but a single main ingredient. To read more click here

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