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TIE: Poet of the Month: ‘Never In My Life,’ by Kate Angus

have I eaten so much sugar as in Cuba: profligate blizzard thrown over churros warm from their oil bath, now wrapped safe as babies in brown paper blankets. Glamorous Old Hollywood starlet sparkle of sweet diamonds spackled over the fruit (guava, papaya, words thick on the tongue, as if language were edible). Pulped from the […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘February Is An Early Spring’, by Kate Angus

If I slept like an egg (unbroken), my eyes opening crack the shell. This morning, a cloud formation takes the shape of Great Britain; elsewhere, a garage floods, recedes, and America stains concrete. This is a compulsion called cartocacoethes where one sees maps everywhere. I found the website, and now left-over breakfast toast is Cuba, […]

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Love’s Banquet, by David Lehman

If poetry is love’s banquet, with minstrels reciting tales of cities sacked and sea voyages wrecked while the princely hosts and their guests lift their sacramental chalices and sip the liqueurs of contentment, Play on, not to the sensual ear but to the spirit ditties of no tone. Play on, if music be the food […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘Lune De Miel’, By David Lehman

for Stacey The best thing about Paris is being here with you (a Sauterne with one course, a Cote de Beaune with the next) and the best thing about being here with you is Paris (three letters short of paradise but I wouldn’t have it any other way) on this November day of clean blue […]

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TIE Poet Of The Month: ‘The Way To Daddy’s Heart’, by David Lehman

I wrote this poem in November 2016 for Jessica Alberg, Lily Bowen, Rebecca Endres, Leslie King, Armand Levy, Thomas Moody, Brendan Smith, Keri Smith, Sean Speers, and Virginia Valenzuela — the participants in my poetry writing workshop. We had two standing jokes that are reflected in the poem. One was the observation that almost any […]

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TIE Poet Of The Month: ‘The Four Seasons’, By David Lehman

for Rozanne Gold Lunching with Stacey at the soon-to-close Four Seasons, sipping my champagne cocktail I overheard the State Department is in a state of perpetual war attack counterattack never give an inch just like the English department well, some were born to bicker and they get the prize of being the last one left to […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘from If This Should Reach You In Time’, by Justin Marks

The sun is blood orange Our planet burning toward a new age of extinction An impossible attempt at rhyme Evolution shapes acceptable solutions, not optimal ones, says a scientist whose life’s work is an argument against reality A train that’s not a train, so much as a description created by sensory systems to inform us […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: from ‘If This Should Reach You In Time’, by Justin Marks

It’s dark What light there is is blurry You’re a child holding an ice cream Someone is explaining the Cold War Telling you about nuclear bombs You’re scared, terrified to be precise Awareness of death That’s not new Aware of death and scared That’s new An inauguration of fear that ignites in you an urgency […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘from ‘If This Should Reach You In Time”, by Justin Marks

I’m reading Diane diPrima’s Revolutionary Letters outloud to myself I’m feeling radicalized and near hysterics I’m calling politicians and having voice-to-voice conversations with staffers I’m marching and shouting chants I’m applying for jobs I’m having imaginary conversations with people who support the other side I’m adopting kittens Making salad and eating healthy Typing typing typing […]

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Will, by Leah Umansky

I listen to the dark, that souvenir of light. What is darned and holed. I listen to the darts, the ends of their lines. Sometimes, I mute my reds to mauves, it is a slight denial, but some turns are slight. Sometimes, I want to scream, but I don’t. * The way we move through […]

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