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Photography: Winter, by Fabrice Poussin

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and dozens of other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review and more than 170 other publications.

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Adventures in Digital Culinary Myth-Making

Every few months I’ll see a new forecast of some emerging food trend. I don’t pay too much attention to these predictions — they’re often based on hunches and used to sell the trend. But stock-photo marketplace Shutterstock recently released a report that doesn’t attempt to look forward; instead, it released data reporting what type of food images […]

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Your Eyes Are Happier Than Your Stomach

Not long ago at a restaurant that regularly tweets photos of dishes as lush as one of Monet’s lily ponds, I found myself poking cautiously at perfect circles of glossy black sauce, discs of potato purée that looked like white roses and cylinders of gnocchi so tiny they seemed to have been pushed out of […]

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Restaurant Offers ‘Photo Studio’ for the Perfect Food Shot

While some restaurants have banned ‘food pornographers’ from taking photos of their dishes, a South African restaurant has swung the other way, providing diners with a small, portable lighting studio so they can take the optimal shot.   Read more at NY Daily News.

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Documenting the Forgotten Female Faces of Farming

At last year’s Super Bowl, Dodge Ram ran an ad that praised the farmer. The ad featured powerful images of farmers fading in and out over Paul Harvey’s 1978 speech “So God Made A Farmer.” But there was one problem with the ad. Only a single woman was pictured. The rest of the farmers, image after […]

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Paulette Tavormina’s Photographs of Food and Flora

Amidst the bustle that defines the city, Tavormina can often be found at one of the city’s many farmers markets searching for the perfectly imperfect flora that characterize her photographs. Her arrangements often recall the sumptuous detail of seventeenth century Old Master still life painters, highlighting the food as much as the lavish table settings. […]

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MandyBeem-Miller-First Food of Spring

First Food of Spring

by Mandy Beem-Miller It’s one of those things that seems to come out of nowhere. One moment the rhubarb patch is barren, nothing but dead stalks and dirt. The next you are looking through the back porch window, out over the flag stone wall and the hill that rises beyond to the garden and, low […]

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Photography: Everyday Synesthesia

by Valeria Necchio I am attracted and intrigued by food from many points of view. The esthetic side of it, though, is the one that has always interested me the most. In my pictures food can be both alone or in a context, but it will never be just food. Valeria Necchio graduated from the […]

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Photography: Bangkok’s Chinatown

by Eve Turow Eve Turow is the Deputy Editor of The Inquisitive Eater and a freelance writer living in New York City.  You can find more of her photography and writing at eveturow.com.

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Photography: The Forgotten Slice of Christmas

by Kunal Chandra Nearly 7 million tons of food are thrown away in the United Kingdom every year. This set of pictures is of a humble little slice of beet root forgotten during our Christmas feast. It serves as a personal reminder to respect and honor every ingredient. (Click on the photographs for a larger […]

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