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This App Can Tell You Whether Your Olive Oil Really Is Italian

A new smartphone app hopes to combat this. Reliability was launched this month by a non-profit organisation of the same name, and allows users to scan the barcode of “Made in Italy” products to find out whether they really are of Italian origin. When the product is scanned, the app brings up a photo and information on […]

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Photograph: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images, via The Guardian

Save Spain’s Ancient Olive Trees

They have witnessed – and withstood – much of Spain’s rich history; their thick, gnarled branches steadily supplying olives to a changing roster of Romans, Moors and Christians. But recent years have seen Spain’s thousand-year-old olive trees face one of their biggest threats to date: a growing demand for unique garden ornaments that has led […]

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An Olive Oil Crisis

There’s been a dramatic drop in oil production, but it’s not barrels of light sweet crude. It’s olive oil. Curtis Cord, publisher of the Olive Oil Times, tells Audie Cornish on All Things Consideredthere are many reasons why production has fallen so much in Italy and Spain this year. “What we have is bad weather at the wrong […]

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Olive Oil Made In Georgia? Not California or Texas?

A few weeks ago, close to the Florida border, I spotted an unfamiliar hue out the window: behind a cotton field, a ripple of silver-green. The shrubs were rounded and tall, holding up narrow, widely spaced leaves. I got out of the car to crunch across the bright sandy loam, and spotted clusters of small […]

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California’s Next Oil Rush Might Be Surprisingly Delicious

Olives trees have a lot to offer the United States. One of those things is water — and this year, as California dries to a shriveled crisp, water is looking especially important. Most olives grown around the world have no irrigation. The trees are built for drought: They have narrow, waxy, abstemious leaves. They’ve evolved biological tricks […]

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Italian Food in Crisis? Italians, Their Food, and the Foreign Press

Over the past few days, a couple of pieces in the American press — later translated in Italian media — have drawn attention to some of the least glamorous aspects of the culinary trend “Made in Italy.” In The New York Times, a graphic piece by Nicholas Blechman entitled “Extra Virgin Suicide: The Adulteration of […]

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Olive Oil and Nuts Tied to Prostate Cancer Survival

Sometimes, it doesn’t take a major diet overhaul to get significant health benefits. Small changes can be helpful, too. This seems to be the take-home message from a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine linking olive oil and nuts to improved survival from prostate cancer. Researchers studied the fat intake of more than 4,500 men who had been diagnosed […]

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