It’s Seafood – But There’s No ‘Sea’ Required

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A more sustainable solution to a billion dollar industry…

Seafood has become the United States’ second-largest trade deficit.

But researchers in West Virginia believe Americans can end their country’s dependence on foreign fish – and cut down the carbon footprint of eating seafood – with “recirculating aquaculture systems”.

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Why French Winemakers Are Seeing The World Through Rosé-Colored Glasses

foodnews 9.02.2014  rose

Consumption of rosé wine is skyrocketing. U.S. imports of rosé from the Mediterranean region have grown in the double digits for the past 10 years running. This is good news for winemakers in the southern, Provence region of France, where many vintners used to make a few bottles of rosé only for themselves. Not anymore

“We ran out of rosé last year, so we produced a lot more this year. And we’re going to run out again,” he says

Listen to why Rosé is in hot demand, with The Salt.