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Abby Driscoll tends to her daily chores on her family owned farm Tuesday July, 25, 2017 Newton, Wi. The Driscolls like many dairy farms are dependent on migrant workers to help with the many aspects of running a farm. They along with many other farms are now running into issues getting help due to the current administrations stance on immigration making many workers return to home countries in fear of being arrested in the United States while looking for work. CREDIT: Darren Hauck for Center for Investigative Reporting

No Sanctuary, Fewer Farmhands: How Dairyland Suffers Under Trump Agenda

How Trump’s immigration policies are harming the dairy industry… As one of the state’s largest industries and the core of its Cheesehead identity, dairy production is heavily dependent on immigrant workers. Farmers say few if any U.S. citizens apply for these jobs. In addition, while farmers who grow seasonal crops such as blueberries can bring temporary […]

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Deportation Fears Prompt Immigrants To Cancel Food Stamps

  The Trump administration’s promise to deport millions leads some immigrants to cancel their SNAP benefits… Groups that help low-income families get food assistance are alarmed by a recent drop in the number of immigrants seeking help. Some families are even canceling their food stamps and other government benefits, for fear that receiving them will affect […]

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Food, Immigrants, and the Fabric of the Body Politic

By Fabio Parasecoli, Associate professor and coordinator of food studies, The New School.   These days, it is impossible to tune out the heated debates and the raging controversies that surround the issue of immigration in the US. The presidential elections are only a few months away, and citizens are forced to reflect on what their […]

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Our Rotten Immigration Policies Have Left Us With a Bunch of Rotten Food

We’re in a baffling position: one in which we are simultaneously criminalizing those who harvest our crops, and artificially depressing farm wages by employing laborers in a legal gray zone. Of course, there’s no easy solution. If we compensated farmworkers like any other worker,  some farmers would go broke. Farms would become more mechanized, agricultural […]

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foodnews 10.14.2015 hungary

Budapest Foodies Hope Cuisine Can Help Heal Anti-Migrant Prejudice

Customers crowd into a bustling Budapest restaurant for dinner. They open their menus, expecting to read about stuffed paprikas and Hungarian goulash. But instead they find … Eritrean sourdough pancake bread. Afghan pie. Syrian sweets. “It’s a little bit difficult, because not all the ingredients are available in Hungary. So a few of them are […]

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Will Obama’s Mass Legalization of Undocumented Immigrants Help American Farms?

  Last Thursday, President Obama announced an executive order that’ll change the way undocumented immigrants work in this country. Some five million will be shielded from deportation and allowed to work here temporarily, and those in charge of deporting illegal immigrants will be forced to target those who have broken other American laws — gang […]

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East Harlem Tables: Food and Italian Immigrant Cultures

by Fabio Parasecoli When friends visit New York City from out of town, especially from Italy, we often end up taking a stroll through Manhattan’s Little Italy, which looms large in the imagination of many Italians. Although they have seen it in movies and in TV shows, they tend to have a limited sense of […]

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After Immigration Bust, Herb Grower Tries a New Path

The ongoing immigration debate in Congress often spotlights the job market for people living in the U.S. illegally. Not long ago, that market included one of the country’s top organic herb farms — until an immigration bust forced the business, based in Washington state, to clean up its payroll. Ted Andrews, owner of HerbCo International, says he’s […]

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Food and Immigrant Life Conference

The videos for all the sessions of the conference (including the keynote speech delivered by Dolores Huerta) are now available.

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Podcast: Year of the Dragon Special – The Best Regional Chinese Restaurants in Flushing

It’s not too late to celebrate the Year of the Dragon! Follow Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy‘s Feet In 2 Worlds’ journalism project to the best restaurants in Flushing! Podcast: Year of the Dragon Special – The Best Regional Chinese Restaurants in Flushing | Feet in 2 Worlds · Immigration news · […]

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