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Food Studies in Trump’s United States

  The morning after Election Day, I found myself in a very small college town in rural Pennsylvania where people were celebrating the victory of their candidate. That forced me to accept the fact that, more or less, 50% of those who cast their vote have not only supported Trump as next president of the […]

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2nd International Conference on Food Design, Conference Proceedings

On behalf of The New School, Food Design Society, and Food Design North America we are happy to share with you the 2nd International Conference on Food Design Conference Proceedings. View the Conference Proceedings by professionals, practitioners, and researchers discussing the fundamental aspects of this burgeoning field.

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via Modern Farmer

Gluten, Organics, Psychedelics and More: Our 15-Minute Chat with Michael Pollan

From Netflix specials, to books, there is a lot of buzz around Michel Pollen these days. This short interview with him from Modern Farmer is a good sound bite to take in. He answers some tough questions in just a few sentences-and this way, you can save your Netflix watching for other important people…like Liz Lemon […]

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Feeding Tomorrow Technology and The New Food Ethics

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The Liberal Artisan: Food Studies and Higher Education

by Fabio Parasecoli levitra on line pharmacy Whether a college education in the liberal arts is worth effort, time and, above all, financial investment, has become a pressing question with wide social repercussions. The recent comments by President Obama underlined the urgency of the issue. In an economic environment where student debt is on the […]

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Marion Nestle on the Future of Food Politics

Marion Nestle, along with food consultant Clark Wolf, jump-started the Food Studies program at New York University in 1996. At the time, cookbook author Paula Wolfert told the New York Times, “I don’t think a course at NYU is going to make any difference” in raising the public awareness of food’s complex contributions to culture, society, […]

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The Edible Schoolyard Project

“Edible Education” UC Berkeley Courses on Youtube

An amazing resource from Edible School Yard!  Videos from a number of notable speakers including: “Eating Oil, Eating Sunshine” by Michael Pollan “Social Practices” by Peter Sellars  “The Psychology of Food” by Paul Rozin See the full list, here!

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Breaking the Mold: Women in Restaurant Kitchens | The New School for Public Engagement

For decades, professional kitchens and restaurants were almost exclusively the domain of male chefs. In recent years, women have come to the forefront as food writers, entrepreneurs and professional chefs. The New School marks 100 years from the birth of Julia Child, a woman who played a leading role in the development of American cuisine, […]

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Food Studies, Cooking and Kitchen Chats

by Fabio Parasecoli from Huffington Post “So, do you cook?” Until a few years ago I often found myself trying to respond constructively to this question, which was the usual segue from my admission to teaching Food Studies. Other assorted reactions included: “So, does chocolate really affect a woman’s mood?”; “So, do you always shop […]

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Jewish Cuisines: The Local and the Global | The New School for Public Engagement

The New School for Public Engagement is a division of The New School, a university in New York City offering distinguished degree, certificate, and continuing education programs in art and design, liberal arts, management and policy, and the performing arts. THE NEW SCHOOL FOR PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT | http://www.newschool.edu/public-engagement Jewish cuisine, based on biblical traditions and customs […]

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