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Poetry: Practicability of Challenges

by Jina Song You who step on a banana peel are unfortunate. You who step on a loach are not. Improperly stepping on the fish, you will slide. The storekeeper will reject the trampled loach, then you claim it, bring it into your sink and let it be washed for a minute. Boil it with water, […]

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Poetry: Bakery Tritina

by Amanda Harris Aroma of coffee beans freshly ground, Cheese Danish: twisted little loops of rope, Chocolate cakes chiseled like ornate tombstones. Sharp, crisp cardboard boxes stacked like tombstones, Everything leaves crumbs, baguettes on the ground, Thin waxed paper, fingertips touching rope. Half-pint of Waldorf salad, veins like rope, Strudels are pinwheels, croissants are tombstones, Hot […]

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Poetry: Artichoke; Kiwi; Corn

by Michelle Lerner   Artichoke The softness of the heart The sinking of the teeth The scattered petals that were its sheath   Kiwi Elephant skin Stone from Easter Island Emerald in a brown paper bag   Corn From the Jersey jungle Half undressed Praying mantis   Michelle Lerner is a graduate of the New School MFA […]

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Poetry: The Fall of Food

by Michael Cirelli I blame it on field greens and the French — with their anti-gravity noses pointed towards the point of Tour Eiffel. It was Bush-I-era when our groceries, not Provençal, were flooded with these preemie leafies whining on our plates. So deceived by this new alien word for salad: our Icebergs sunk by rocket […]

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Looking in the Fridge and Finding Some Poetry

New York Times Book Review of ‘The Hungry Ear: Poems of Food & Drink,’ Kevin Young, Editor “Take away this pudding,” Winston Churchill reportedly said. “It has no theme.” I can understand Churchill’s hilarious pique. It’s how I often feel about poetry and about food writing. Both can be thin and flavorless. Both can be puddings […]

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Poetry: Variation on a Summer day

by Trey Teufel Variation on a Summer day                   (after Wallace Stevens) Last Tuesday we shared an orange             Took turns and ripped off the skin             Peeled away its textured coat Rind collected under our fingernails             We fed each other wedges             Wiped juice from our chins Later             Your hands on my […]

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A Slam Poem to Bacon

On CollegeHumor.com. Bongos and bacon: Nick Offerman from “Parks and Recreation” cuts loose with a slam poem about a certain salty pork product. — Jeff Gordinier Click here to see the video.  

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Poetry: Did You Know, Night, and Pans

by Aaron Belz DID YOU KNOW That there’s no way to say “I love you” in French? And there’s no way to say “I love Judi Dench.” There’s no way to say “Hey did you just paint this bench?” or “The meat tastes like finch” or “This knackwurst contains about two parts canary.” But you […]

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