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Why are Bill Gates and Richard Branson Investing in Meat That Costs $18,000 a Pound?

Photo by Memphis Meats


On a new kind of meat….

The world loves meat. So much so that demand for meat products is projected to grow by nearly 70 percent by 2050. But meat production places a significant strain on the planet’s resources. Research shows that today’s meat-producing efforts uses one-third of the Earth’s fresh water and land surface and generates nearly one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions.

But that’s not going to stop most of us from eating it because it’s too darn delicious. The founders behind San Francisco-based Memphis Meats know this, and they’re responding with what could be a disruptive change to the trillion-dollar meat production industry. Memphis Meats is making “clean meat.” It’s also delicious. But there’s one problem: It costs about $18,000 a pound.

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