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Via Pam Fessler/NPR

In Some Rural Counties, Hunger Is Rising, But Food Donations Aren’t

  On food insecurity in America… One in eight Americans — 42 million people — still struggles to get enough to eat. And while that number has been going down recently, hunger appears to be getting worse in some economically distressed areas, especially in rural communities. Food banks that serve these areas are also feeling […]

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When Active-Duty Service Members Struggle To Feed Their Families

  Food insecurity faced by military families… Kara Dethlefsen lined up early on a recent morning for the food pantry at the Camp Pendleton Marine Base near San Diego. She and her husband, both active-duty Marines, took turns holding their 4-month-old daughter. “We most like to get the avocados, lemons, some vegetables to cook up,” […]

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Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation / Grist

Many Native Americans Lack Access to Healthy Food, But There’s a Growing Movement to Change That

  Indigenous communities create solutions to food insecurity… Andromeda Na’lniitr’e’sdvm Lopez grew up on canned meat, canned juice, white flour, and evaporated milk. It was common fare for her tribe, the Tolowa Dee-ni’. But at 21, Lopez had a diabetes scare while pregnant and knew her diet had to change…In almost any Native American community, […]

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Spain’s ‘Robin Hood’ Restaurant Charges the Rich and Feeds the Poor

  In Madrid, a restaurant feeds over 100 people in need nightly… On a frigid winter night, a man wearing two coats shuffles into a brightly lit brick restaurant in downtown Madrid. Staff greet him warmly; he’s been here many times. The maître d’ stamps his ID card, and the hungry man selects a table […]

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Via The Salt

Skipping Meals, Joining Gangs: How Teens Cope With Food Insecurity

When Lanarion Norwood Jr. was 9 years old, he opened his family’s refrigerator to find it almost empty. His grandmother, unemployed because of disability, had run out of food for the month. So Norwood did what many young children adamantly resist: He went to bed early. Sleeping, he reasoned, would help him suppress hunger, and […]

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How To Feed Low-Income Children During the Summer

It’s a challenge making sure that low-income children who get free- and reduced-priced meals during the school year continue to get fed during the summer months. Government meal programs served 3.8 million children on an average summer day last year — far fewer than the 22 million children who got subsidized meals during the school […]

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Food Shift, via Food Tank

Food Shift Rescues More Than Wasted Food

In the United States, almost half of all food is wasted and one in six people are food insecure. At the same time, there are amazing food rescue organizations popping up all over the U.S. to recover extra (would-be wasted) food for those in need. And while most food rescue organizations focus on feeding those […]

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iStockphoto, via The Salt

Pediatricians To Start Asking About Food Insecurity

An estimated 7.9 million kids in the U.S. live in “food-insecure” households. This means there’s not always enough to eat at home. But when these kids go to the doctor for a check-up, or a well-child visit, the signs of malnutrition are not always apparent. So pediatricians say it’s time to start asking about it. Kids and […]

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foodnews 09.03.2015 foodwaste

U.S. restaurants are terrible at getting wasted food to the hungry.

Restaurants, groceries, households-if you’ve ever spent time dumpster diving the Trader Joe’s in Pittsburgh, then you know just how crazy food waste in the U.S. can be. Our country throws away 40 percent of its food, routing $165 billion of food to landfills each year. An individual American throws away an average of 20 pounds […]

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When Schools Literally Take Food Out of the Hands of Children

There are lots of tricky situations when it comes to educating children. But whether or not to take food out of a hungry child’s hands and throw it out should be one of the easiest calls for an administrator to make. And yet. Students lined up for lunchtime at Uintah Elementary School last Tuesday expecting to receive […]

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