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Some Tuna Can Carry Up To 36 Times The Toxic Chemicals Of Others. Here’s Why

Not all tuna is alike…. A new study may prompt hand wringing among you tuna poke and sushi lovers. When it comes to pollutant levels, researchers now say where your tuna was caught matters. In a first-of-its-kind global study, scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego analyzed 117 yellowfin […]

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India’s New Coastal Law Threatens Mumbai’s Ancient Fishing Villages

On the new law threatening Indian fishing villages… At the end of the monsoon rains every year, Mumbai’s fishing community perform a traditional pooja ceremony to mark their return to the sea, with offerings of coconuts and flowers, and prayers for safety and bounty. This week, as they launched their freshly painted boats into the […]

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Is That Real Tuna in Your Sushi? Now, a Way to Track That Fish

Several years ago, Red’s Best developed software to track the fish it procures from small local fishermen along the shores of New England. Sea to Table, a family business founded in the mid-1990s with headquarters in Brooklyn that supplies chefs and universities, has also developed its own seafood-tracking software to let customers follow the path of […]

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Courtesy of Petrossian, image via The T.

Caviar, The Caspian and Globalization

Over the years, caviar-producing wild sturgeon in the Caspian Sea have been poached, smuggled and overfished to the brink of extinction. Sturgeon fishing fell under a series of strict international quotas and in 2008 was subjected to a global ban by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. The only caviar on the market since […]

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An Infographic On Marine Protected Areas

See the entire infographic on Grist. It looks best on larger screens.

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What’s It Like to Harpoon a Swordfish?

Frankly, I didn’t know anything about harpoon fishing before this trip, so I did some cramming before I left. Despite all the advances in technology, (they’ve been swordfishing with harpoons in these waters since the 1880s), it still requires a brave soul climbing out on a plank that’s attached to the front of the boat. Here, […]

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Free Dinner in the City: It Comes With a Catch, of Course

As reliably as a dinner bell, high tide brought the men with their fishing poles. The waves carried in a bounty of striped bass, bluefish, blackfish, fluke and sea robin to this makeshift fishing cove along the East River in the South Bronx. And on a gray weekday afternoon the regulars assembled inBarretto Point Park in Hunts […]

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This Fishing Method is Wiping Out The Bluefin Tuna Population

No fish has inspired as much controversy over the past several years as the bluefin tuna. Sushi lovers, especially in Japan, love the fish’s fatty flesh and pay top dollar for prize cuts — but environmentalists say that the world’s hunger for o-toro has pushed the three species of bluefin around the world to the brink of extinction. […]

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Transparent gold

IN MAINE, a state better known for its lobsters, residents have recently been netting huge profits from a new aquatic source: baby eels. Surging demand from Asia pushed the price of elvers, which look rather like clear noodles, to as high as $2,600 a pound ($5,700 a kilo) during the ten-week harvesting season last spring. […]

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