That Time a Polar Bear Stole Red Wine

Photo by Andrea Castelli, via Munchies
Photo by Andrea Castelli, via Munchies

Speaking to The Daily Mail earlier this month, series producer Sophie Lanfear recalled how the hut the film crew had been staying in while filming in the Arctic region of Svalbard was ravaged by a wine-seeking polar bear.

According to Lanfear, the crew were out capturing footage of Arctic foxes and wolves when they came back to find the door hanging off its hinges and their food supplies, including biscuits, chocolate, fruit, and meat that had been stored in a metal trunk, gone.

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From the Makers of ‘Somm,’ ‘Barista’ Premiers November 6th


From the producers of Somm comes a deep dive into the competitive world of coffee. Barista is a film about the lengths the world’s best baristas will go to in order to achieve the perfect cup. The film revolves around the National Barista Championship, an extreme, sometimes emotional competition in which competitors are allotted 15 minutes to prepare 12 drinks for judges.

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Man in the Maze: Food Tank’s Award Winning Documentary


Food Tank, in partnership with Greener Media, is excited to announce the world premiere of award-winning documentary “Man in the Maze.” The short film produced by filmmakers, Phil Buccellato and Jesse Ash, and Food Tank is one of five films to win the Sundance Short Film Challenge, underwritten by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Filmed in southern Arizona, “Man in the Maze,” features food activist, writer, and conservationist Gary Paul Nabhan and unveils how to feed a hungry planet. The story journeys through United States borderlands, where food activists, farmers, and change-makers are coming up with innovative solutions to mend our broken food system.

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‘The Slaughter:’ A Horror Film on a Hog Farm

From the start, The Slaughter — a 15-minute short film directed by Jason Kohl — is filled with foreboding. The Slaughter is about the father-son relationship on a small, outdoor hog operation. It’s no spoiler to say that something bad is going to happen; we know from the title that death is coming, and Kohl keeps a subtle undercurrent of anxiety running throughout.

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‘Apple Pushers’ Provide Oases in NYC Food Deserts

“The Apple Pushers,” a new documentary by Mary Mazzio with narration by Edward Norton, premiers this week in New York City.  The film follows a few enterprising New Yorkers who, with the support of city government, operate fruit stands in the city’s ‘food deserts’ in order to provide much needed fresh produce to their communities and to support their own families.

“The Apple Pushers” will be shown Tuesday at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria at 7 p.m. and on May 29 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. More info at ApplePushers.com.

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