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‘Herring,’ by Daniel Blokh

Cheap in the Soviet Union, Dedushka would bring it for my mother to eat with bread. No sauce needed, its salty skin enough to keep his children full for days. In that time, that country, herring flowed in rivers, fell from the sky like snow, the whole Union one big herring waiting to break away […]

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TIE Essay of the Month: ‘Mayonnaise,’ by Jess Barish

  Growing up, mayonnaise was a tradition. My mom could have had sponsorship with Hellmann’s. The signature yellow and blue label and matching blue lid was never not in our refrigerator. As if in a shrine, the large jar was placed on the top shelf and was seemingly always full, ready to be consumed. Until […]

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Bouillon Beef Soup Bone Soup Meat Soup Meat Beef

TIE Poet of the Month: ‘Friday,’ by Jen Mediano

I’ve observed you sized you up selected you from the tangle. Now my fingers pry your underside and I rip you open with a hollow crack. Your serrated defenses useless now, my teeth grip the membrane that divides top from bottom. I pick at your insides, shatter your limbs roll your guts in newspaper. But […]

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Greek Salad by Toni Silber-Delerive

  My above-view paintings of food bring together an appreciation of unconventional views and timeless human habits. While the colors and shapes are traditional, the oversized proportions painted from above display the subject in ways that are both original and recognizable. These paintings are conceptually related to my aerial paintings of landscapes and objects. From their […]

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‘The Pleasures of Peace,’ by David Lehman

It’s not just the absence of war, Scott said, but Hemingway had the last word, and for decades driving an ambulance in Europe in World War I was how you made your mark as a man. Peace in those days meant Paris and a wound and an aperitif. No sooner do I write those words […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘Northerner,’ by Jen Mediano

You flay its skin. You roll the pit in your mouth. You swat the swarm. Your blood and calamine stain your clothes, your collarbone. You smell of smoke. Your scar your chest your eyebrows sweat. You roll the bottle, wet your brow. You grasp at sparks. You stake them, burning, in the grass. You drink […]

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TIE Story of the Month: ‘The Bend in Newell Road,’ by Emilia Monell

It starts with a dessert. You see, Leonard Black was someone who did not particularly care for meringue cookies. He found them a bit too deceptive for his liking. How could it be that they looked so wonderfully crunchy on the exterior and then, within seconds, that same hearty crunch would disintegrate into piles of […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘Host,’ by Jen Mediano

Stars, cigarettes bright, oblivious to the dawn, the dew, the ground damp beside you; enfold in crook and sweat and slough. I breathe and you labyrinth through to the tips of me, to wrists you release to pinpricks: splayed hand, closed fist. Mosquitoes braille me, welts rise and itch; ticks break my skin, burrow my […]

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‘Sitia-Style Snails,’ by Joan Haladay

Water is the most elemental ingredient of a Greek meal.  It is life and survival reduced to the contents of a glass.  As Henry Miller wrote in The Colossus of  Maroussi,  “…everywhere I saw the glass of water.  It became obsessional.  I began to think of water as a new thing, a new vital element […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘I Prefer To Be Amazed,’ by Sabrina Hayeem-Ladani

after Wisława Szymborska I prefer black tea. I prefer the green olives. I prefer depth to shoreline, the marshlands to the safety of the riverbed. I prefer noticing. I prefer to bend the corner of the page. I prefer to let the rice be. I prefer to be curious. I prefer to wash my vegetables. […]

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