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‘Alpiner’, by Amy Lawless

1 Let me tell you something: climbing a mountain builds character. On top of that, I believe that every young person should climb at least one mountain around puberty. It will teach all sorts of important skills [e.g., to increase spatial awareness, to maneuver tricky physical spaces, to hone a healthy fear of death, to […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘My Therapist’, by Amy Lawless

I told my friend the reason I don’t go to therapy: I would lie to any therapist and adjust my problems according to what I think the therapist would want to hear He said that means I’m crazy and really need to go to therapy I wouldn’t argue with this point I give a name […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘Ars Poetica’, by Amy Lawless

In sixth grade, Mrs. Nerbonne assigned us the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. We had to memorize and recite it aloud both to each other and as a chorus for the principal, a man who wore these Italian suits we’d only seen in movies. I remember standing there in […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘Sculpture, Weed, and Bon Iver’, by Amy Lawless

According to Jezebel.com, Brad Pitt is coping with his breakup with sculpture, weed, and by listening to Bon Iver. This is cliché and almost the perfect prescription. So, a great start. Funny: I think an old photo of Brad Pitt once helped me get over a breakup. Or was it a photo of someone else? […]

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TIE Story of the Month: ‘Foodie Cultured’, by Anju Treohan

     For their first date, they met for happy hour. Ben suggested Inde Blu, a classy little restaurant with an Indian inspired—not fusion—menu. Sonia thought it was kind of cute, like– Oh! He’s picking an Indian restaurant because I’m Indian. She didn’t call him out on it. She told him it was a great […]

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‘Consider The Apple’, by Kate Angus

Consider the Apple And its many names      Akero: pale green strewn with white like light snow dusting leaves. Ambrosia. Annurca: the oldest, depicted in tiled frescoes beneath Herculaneum’s ashes. Arkansas Black hangs as coal in the trees. Ballyfatten, Belle de Boskoop, Bloody Ploughman. Carter’s Blue like the winter sky in cloud-heavy bloom. The […]

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Grace Bonney, second from left, receives a welcome donation.

March Market Report, By Stacey Harwood-Lehman

Have you heard the one about the man who wanted to win the lottery? Every week he went to synagogue to pray. “God,” he said, “I know I haven’t been perfect but I really need to win the lottery! Please help me out.” A week went by and he hadn’t won the lottery so he […]

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Zero Waste Food Conference

  Please join us for Zero Waste Food on April 28th & 29th! Through panel discussions on sustainable kitchen design, creating new connections in the food chain, repurposing of materials and reuse of food waste, leaders in the field will discuss their best practices and how they are making changes. Cooking demonstrations and lectures by […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘Self-Portrait: As Harpy’, by Kate Angus

Bird-bodied, women-headed and so hungry: the food that spills over pendulous breasts, the wine that stains belly-fat, vulva. The crease, the folds, the flesh of it. The red of it too. Who could love you, hideous? Who could desire claws that clutch hair that seeps lank breath rancid And so noisy—always talking shrieking singing if […]

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In The Panhandle, by Keri Smith

The frozen crab legs and artichoke dip and french fries. Endless chardonnay on the porch at dusk and a cigar and my step mom sneaking off to call her daughter, who she never speaks about. The pool, unused and warm, the sound of frogs calling out around the yard and the ocean, a few blocks […]

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