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Following the Family Tradition, Chris Darwin is Leading the Fight to Protect Animals from Extinction

  Chris Darwin, a wildlife advocate, discusses the environmental impact of eating meat: Great, great grandson of Charles Darwin says we must change our diet to prevent more wildlife dying off. Chris Darwin, 56, had come to London from his home in Australia for a groundbreaking conference attempting to tackle the growing crisis of the […]

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Coca-Cola Increased its Production of Plastic Bottles by a Billion Last Year, Says Greenpeace

    On the increase of Coca-Cola’s plastic production…. Coca-Cola increased its production of throwaway plastic bottles last year by well over a billion, according to analysis by Greenpeace. The world’s biggest soft drinks company does not disclose how much plastic packaging it puts into the market. But analysis by the campaign group Greenpeace reveals what […]

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Industrial Meat Production is Killing Our Seas. It’s Time to Change Our Diets

How eating meat impacts the environment… Every spring, as the snows thaw, water rushes down the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, spreading life, then death into the Gulf of Mexico. The floodwaters are laden with fertilisers washed from fields and factory farms. As spring turns to summer, excessive nutrients first drive a huge bloom of living […]

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Pepsico, Unilever and Nestlé Accused of Complicity in Illegal Rainforest Destruction

  Major food corporations are responsible for major deforestation…. Pepsico, Unilever and Nestlé have been accused of complicity in the destruction of Sumatra’s last tract of rainforest shared by elephants, orangutans, rhinos, and tigers together in one ecosystem. Plantations built on deforested land have allegedly been used to supply palm oil to scores of household brands that […]

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Jane Goodall Calls Trump’s Climate Change Agenda ‘Immensely Depressing’

The British primatologist, renowned for her work with chimpanzees, expressed dismay that Trump and others in his administration have questioned the scientific basis of climate change. “Because I’m traveling all over the world 300 days a year, I have seen the result of climate change and we know, science has shown, that global temperatures are […]

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What’s The Environmental Footprint Of A Loaf Of Bread? Now We Know

When it comes to climate change, we often think of the cars we drive and the energy we use in our homes and offices. They are, after all, some of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. But what about the toast you ate for breakfast this morning? A new study published Monday in Nature Plants […]

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Protests Erupted Across The Nation In An 11th-Hour Effort To Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline

People held emergency rallies Wednesday in at least 53 cities in 26 states, according to the #NoDAPL 2017 Action Hub. The protests came a day after the Army Corps of Engineers effectively cleared the way for Dakota Access to be completed, dealing a crushing blow to the movement that had grown up in opposition to the pipeline. Read […]

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What Does Environmental Justice Organizing Look Llike In The Time of Trump?

Environmental justice work will need to change in critical ways as Donald Trump ascends to the White House, but not in all ways, says Miya Yoshitani, executive director of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN). On-the-ground organizing around community members’ local concerns will still be the core. APEN brings the voices of Asian and Pacific Islander communities […]

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These Are The Indigenous-Led Climate Movements To Watch Out For In 2017

This year, the Standing Rock Sioux reminded everyone that indigenous people stand at the forefront of the fight for a just and sustainable planet. Here is some of the Native activism that will lead next year’s charge against climate disaster. Read on at Grist.

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Pipeline Spills 176,000 Gallons 150 Miles From Standing Rock

A pipeline operated by Belle Fourche Pipeline Company in western North Dakota was shut down following the discovery of a leak on Dec. 5. Cleanup is ongoing, and 37,000 gallons of crude oil have been recovered as of Monday, reports the Associated Press.  Read on at Grist.

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