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Following the Family Tradition, Chris Darwin is Leading the Fight to Protect Animals from Extinction

  Chris Darwin, a wildlife advocate, discusses the environmental impact of eating meat: Great, great grandson of Charles Darwin says we must change our diet to prevent more wildlife dying off. Chris Darwin, 56, had come to London from his home in Australia for a groundbreaking conference attempting to tackle the growing crisis of the […]

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Coca-Cola Increased its Production of Plastic Bottles by a Billion Last Year, Says Greenpeace

    On the increase of Coca-Cola’s plastic production…. Coca-Cola increased its production of throwaway plastic bottles last year by well over a billion, according to analysis by Greenpeace. The world’s biggest soft drinks company does not disclose how much plastic packaging it puts into the market. But analysis by the campaign group Greenpeace reveals what […]

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Food As A Commons

  “This could be it”. The speaker, Dan O‘Connell, is peering through a grill (above) into the cavernous interior of boarded-up corner shop in downtown Fresno, California. His fellow explorer, Kiel Schmidt, concurs: “It’ll take a bit of work, but we’ve got a bunch of people with skills lined up to help”.For Schmidt and O’Connell, […]

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