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JA and DL cropped

‘A Feast for John Ashbery,’ by David Lehman, with recipe by Stacey Lehman

It may be heresy in this context to confess, but I don’t much like giving or even attending dinner parties. Too many things can go wrong, even beyond the possibility of a disaster in the kitchen sabotaging the meal. A couple whose marriage is on the rocks will choose this occasion to rehearse their resentments. […]

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TIE Poet of the Month: ‘The Body and Blood,’ by Jen Mediano

  Sometimes, when Netflix isn’t doing it for me, I watch Latin Mass on Youtube. I look for the old ones from the 1950s, before Vatican II. I am not a traditionalist, nor am I a theologian or a historian. Just a cradle Catholic muddling along in my flawed faith. My church is midcentury modern […]

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TIE Essay of the Month: ‘Mayonnaise,’ by Jess Barish

  Growing up, mayonnaise was a tradition. My mom could have had sponsorship with Hellmann’s. The signature yellow and blue label and matching blue lid was never not in our refrigerator. As if in a shrine, the large jar was placed on the top shelf and was seemingly always full, ready to be consumed. Until […]

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