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Book Review: Defending Beef; The Case for Sustainable Meat Production

Should We Really Be Defending Beef? by Maeve McInnis While I thoroughly enjoyed and agreed with much of the contents of Defending Beef; The Case for Sustainable Meat Production, in the back of my mind there was the niggling thought that the author, Nicolette Hahn Niman, is married to Bill Niman—the owner of Niman Ranch, […]

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Book Review: The GMO Deception

The GMO Deception: A Review by Maeve McInnis Do we want to live in a world where all of our food has been at one point genetically altered, where synthetic chemicals are sprayed on our food, and the corporations have complete control over all aspects of our food? Or, would we like to buy vegetables […]

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Book Review: Fashioning Appetite

Fashioning Appetite: A Review by Samantha Felix In the three years my husband and I have owned and operated a small neighborhood restaurant in the East Village of New York, I have found that the single most important thing I can do to ensure our success is to properly train the front of house staff. […]

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Unpretentious Food Writing Is the New Outsider Art

It’s hard to read Grand Forks: A History of Dining in 128 Reviews and not see work that is, frankly, outside (or at least distant from) of the established conventions for food writing. Although she’s been writing since the late 1950s, Hagerty’s thoughts on the various eating establishments of Grand Forks, North Dakota were only noticed after her […]

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Book Review: Offal — A Global History, by Nina Edwards

Nicole Brownstein As a vegetarian, owning a book about edible entrails may seem unusual, but nonetheless, Nina Edwards’ Offal – a Global History rests conspicuously on my bookshelf. This book is hardly a tome at 108 pages, yet it manages to give a very comprehensive history of one of the world’s more controversial cuisines. The book begins with […]

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Book Review: The Fish Store – Lindsey Bareham

The first edition of Fish Store was published in 2006, not so long ago in years but in a different food world. Then it wasn’t always easy to get a book contract, even with the right contacts. One had to be good. Today it seems any blogger with a minimal grasp of cooking, but a […]

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Our Relationship with Food

Book Review: The Cassoulet Saved our Marriage: True Tales of Food, Family & How We Learn to Eat By Caroline M. Grant & Lisa Catherine Harper Publisher: Roost Books Released March 2013 By Larissa Zimberoff There are books of essays that are meant to be picked up and put down, up and down, slowly turning the pages and […]

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Cooked: A New Book by Michael Pollen

Pollan’s best-selling “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” while a tour de force and special variety of eater’s manifesto, was at the same time more politics and peril than a soul-feeding, home cook’s love train. Here, he deploys a narrative strategy not unlike “Omnivore’s Dilemma.” He breaks the book up into four investigations, organized by fire (barbecue), water […]

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Healthy Eating on Just $300 a Day

Gwyneth Paltrow’s second cookbook, “It’s All Good,” which was released last week, is taking heat for being an elitist farm-to-table guide sprinkled with duck eggs and $25-a-jar Manuka honey. At best it makes it seem like healthy eating is strictly for the wealthy; at worst, it’s quack science for attempting to export Paltrow’s wacky elimination diet […]

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Book Review: Raising the Bar – The Future of Fine Chocolate

by Alex J. Tunney The second section of Raising the Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate by Pam Williams and Jim Eber, opens up in November 2010 with Art Pollard, of Amano Chocolate, a waking up in the passenger seat alongside his friend as they traverse the mountainous region of Venezuela’s Henri Pittier National Park: The […]

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