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Ranchers in Parched U.S. Northern Plains Welcome Hay Lottery

Drought impacts meat industry, too…. Hundreds of livestock ranchers in the drought-stricken U.S. Northern Plains are embracing what organizers say is the first lottery designed to provide some much-needed relief to their operations. The prize? Tons and tons of hay. Ranchers in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana have been suffering through the region’s worst […]

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Book Review: Defending Beef; The Case for Sustainable Meat Production

Should We Really Be Defending Beef? by Maeve McInnis While I thoroughly enjoyed and agreed with much of the contents of Defending Beef; The Case for Sustainable Meat Production, in the back of my mind there was the niggling thought that the author, Nicolette Hahn Niman, is married to Bill Niman—the owner of Niman Ranch, […]

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Is There A Drought-Friendly Way to Eat Beef?

Basically, no. For such a peaceful, dewy-eyed creature, the cow sure can whip up a bale-ful of confusion, controversy, and passion. Some of us want to eat beef, and we point to scientific studies proving this is a good idea; others just as vehemently don’t want to eat beef, and point to research of their […]

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Russia Claims To Have Developed a Miracle Cow

Sounds like bull to me. But if Russians need beef, why not just raise more cows? Hell, why not build a better cow? According to state-run newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, that’s exactly what breeders in the southern Russian republic of Kalmykia have done. Dubbed the “anti-crisis” cow, the new breed can allegedly survive for long stretches of time without eating, […]

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This Exists: OKCupid for French Cows

With both beef and dairy farming on the decline in France—in 2012, beef production fell by 5.5 percent as compared to the year before, and between 2000 and 2010, over one third of dairy farms closed—it has become more difficult for farmers to find local, suitable mates for their heifers. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, […]

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Ferocious Guard Llamas and Holy Beef Raised by Nuns

The biggest moneymaker on the farm comes from the beef cattle. The sisters are very aware of their marketing edge, Schortemeyer says. “We have kind of a corner on the market — you know, nuns selling natural beef. People just kind of believe in it,” she says. Read the rest on The Salt.

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Your Steak Is Addicted to Drugs

Meatpacking giant Tyson recently grabbed headlines when it announced it would no longer buy and slaughter cows treated with a growth-enhancing drug called Zilmax, made by pharma behemoth Merck. Tyson made the move based on “animal well-being” concerns, it told its cattle suppliers in a letter, adding that “there have been recent instances of cattle delivered for processing […]

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Consumers Shop For Meat Products In Pennsylvania

Sequester Cuts Impact Food Inspection

Of all the possible consequences of the U.S. budget sequestration that popped up in the media before Friday’s deadline, few provoked as much fear and loathing (at least on the HuffPost Food team) as the threat of a meat industry shutdown. To read more click here

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The Politics of “Pink Slime”

New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman joined Chris Hayes’s MSNBC political show Up with Chris Hayes today to discuss the politics of “pink slime,” or, “lean, finely textured beef,” as the beef industry would prefer it be called.   Backlash against the substance in popular media has led at least one conservative governor to call for […]

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New York Times: Tibetans’ (Forbidden) Special Treat

“WHEN Chime Doma and her three sisters were growing up, making sha momos — juicy beef dumplings that are an obsession among Tibetans — was a big, much-anticipated project. “Finding beef was not so easy, but when we finally got some, the whole family would help cut it up, and then do the mixing and […]

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