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Tree Nut Allergies May Be Massively Overdiagnosed

  The results of a new study on tree nut allergies… Millions of Americans live in fear of the peanut. And for good reason: These humble legumes are associated with some of the most severe of all food-related allergic reactions, including life-threatening anaphylaxis. Moreover, studies show that peanut allergies in children have more than tripled from 1997 […]

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New Study: Feeding Peanut To Babies Reduces Allergy Risk

Babies at high risk for becoming allergic to peanuts are much less likely to develop the allergy if they are regularly fed foods containing the legumes starting in their first year of life. That’s according to a big new study released Monday involving hundreds of British babies. The researchers found that those who consumed the […]

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Experimental Treatment For Milk Allergy May Not Last

One out of every 13 children a food allergy, but the affliction still regularly stumps doctors. As Kari Nadeau, director of the Stanford Alliance for Food Allergy Research, Terry Gross in April on Fresh Air, researchers still don’t understand what “flips the switch between a food allergen versus a food nutrient in children.” While the […]

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