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James Beard: America's First Foodie – A Discussion

James Beard: America’s First Foodie – A Discussion

Sponsored by the James Beard Foundation and the Food Studies Program at The New School, please join us for a lively discussion with the filmmaker Kathleen Squires, Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President, James Beard Foundation, and Fabio Parasecoli, Associate Professor and Director of Food Studies Initiatives. His name graces the highest culinary honor in the […]

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A Culinary Celebration of America's Founding Mothers: Martha, Abigail, and Dolley

A Culinary Celebration of America’s Founding Mothers: Martha, Abigail, and Dolley

Joanna Pruess, culinary historian and chef, and Kelsey Brow, curator at the King Manor Museum, present A Culinary Celebration of America’s Found Mothers: Martha, Abigail, and Dolley, a lively dialogue about the legacy of three of America’s First Ladies: Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, and Dolley Madison, and their friends. The event, which was sponsored by […]

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Feasting our Eyes: Food Films and Cultural Identity in the US

Big Night. Ratatouille. Julie and Julia. Besides their commercial success, what these films share is that they are all about food, prepared in the kitchen, served at the table, and offered to audiences for visual and emotional consumption. Cooking and eating have acquired unprecedented visibility in American cinema. Laura Lindenfeld, Professor and Director of the […]

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The Vegan Studies Project

The New School Food Studies Program (…) and Faculty Alice Crary in a dialogue and Q & A session with author Laura Wright on her book The Vegan Studies Project: Food, Animals, and Gender in the Age of Terror. The motivations that lead individuals to go vegan, and the way society at large perceives and […]

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Between Senegal and New York City: A Conversation with Chef Pierre Thiam | The New School

  This video from an interview with Pierre Thiam this past Spring is a must see. Sponsored by the Food Studies Program (… ) and the Jazz and Contemporary Music Program in the College of Performing Arts ( at The New School, chef and restaurateur Pierre Thiam, author of the successful cookbook Senegal: Modern Senegalese […]

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2nd International Conference on Food Design – Keynote I The New School

Nov 12, 2015, in line with the successful First International Conference on Designing Food and Designing For Food (London 2012), this second conference, presented by The Schools of Public Engagement ( at The New School (, created another opportunity for the presentation and discussion of fundamental aspects of Food Design. Food Design was explored as […]

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Sustainable Food Systems | Earth Day Celebration – Earth Matters: Designing our Future

  In celebration of Earth Day 2015, The New School’s Tishman Environment and Design Center (TEDC | hosts Earth Matters: Designing our Future, a daylong event featuring workshops, pop up classes, and discussions on climate action and sustainability spanning the disciplines. The event highlights TEDC’s bold integration of design, policy, and social justice approaches […]

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A Discussion with Amy Bentley, Author of “Inventing Baby Food”

    Join a conversation with Amy Bentley, an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health in the Steinhardt School at New York University and Fabio Parasecoli, Associate Professor and Director of Food Studies Initiatives at The New School for Public Engagement (…) in New York City on her new […]

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Gotham on a Plate: Food and NYC – The Power of the Public Plate: Policy and Procurement

  The Power of the Public Plate: Policy and Procurement Food procurement practice and policy has come to the forefront of food policy changes in New York City. Following the passage of Local Law 50 related to encouraging procurement changes in the city, what has actually begun to change and where do challenges remain? What does the experience of regional procurement for […]

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Gotham on a Plate: Food and NYC – Writing About Gotham’s Plate

  Writing about Gotham’s Plate From colonial times to the present, observers have been fascinated by New York City’s ever-changing culinary life. Numerous books and innumerable articles have been written about New York City, and most contain lengthy descriptions of City foods and beverages, chefs and home cooks, bodegas and greenmarkets, pushcarts and food trucks, […]

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