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American Artisan Cheese: Can a Grassroots Movement Maintain its Integrity?

By Jessica Sennett The current American artisan cheese renaissance that emerged from the Back-to-the-land movement of the 1970s is changing the face of commercially available cheese in the United States. Artisan, a term that refers to a person or company that makes high quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand, has come […]

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Growing Food Justice in School Gardens

By Pauline Zaldonis Upon launching New York City’s citywide school garden initiative, Grow to Learn, Mayor Bloomberg declared, “nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of our children. That’s why our Administration is committed to helping young New Yorkers understand how eating fresh food and preparing their own meals can help them lead […]

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Caffeine: The Gateway Drug?

by Enrique Sebastian Rivas A steaming cup of coffee is what many have every morning, right before they begin their day. For adults, coffee is the largest source of caffeine. On average, 400 million cups of coffee are consumed each day. However, energy drinks have grown into their own profitable market, with increased popularity among […]

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Intern Labor Right’s Open Letter Demanding Roberta’s Restaurant to Condemn Unpaid Internships

  Continue reading the letter, here! Read more about this issue at Dissent and watch a video of the Domino’s Delivery Workers Rally.  

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Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee: A Site and Source of Bostonian Identity Even During a Lockdown

by Emily Contois During Boston’s April 19 lockdown, it was reported that Dunkin’ Donuts stores throughout the area remained open to serve police officers and first responders.[i] The fact that Dunkin’ Donuts remained a beacon of hope during the manhunt, reveals more than a moment of courage and charity for the coffee chain. The landscape […]

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Genie In A Bottle: Colatura tradizionale di alici di Cetara

by Allison Scola Packaged in a delicate glass bottle with a long, thin neck and cork seal, a bottle of colatura resembles an alchemist’s ancient potion or my grandmother’s favorite perfume. It is an amber colored liquid with the consistency of soy sauce, and crudely explained to be “salted anchovy sauce” or “anchovy syrup.” I […]

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General Tso Chicken: An Immigrant Life Saga

When I was studying Asian languages in Italy, back in the 1980s, the few Chinese restaurants open in my native city of Rome only served two kinds of desserts: fried fruit and fried ice cream — the unlikely creation that Jennifer 8. Lee singles out in her TEDTalk about Chinese American food. When I moved […]

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Blue Hill at Stone Barns 1

Dining & Design: It’s Not all About Looks

Today, many argue that the culinary world, and in particular the restaurant industry, is developing two opposing trends. On one hand, chefs are embracing farm-to-table dining; they highlight the provenance of their ingredients — emphasizing in particular local and organic ones — and stress the artisanal aspect of their craft. On the other hand, many […]

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In God’s Hammock: Cuisine and Water Filters in the Dominican Republic

Innovate or die. This has turned into a mantra for today’s globalized food scene to the chagrin of those that would rather see traditions survive and thrive. Food manufacturers constantly introduce novelties and then spend huge amounts of money convincing consumers to embrace them. Chefs embrace new technologies and approaches to make a name for […]

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Sharing the Global Table: Food and Immigrant Life

By Fabio Parasecoli from Huffington Post When I first moved to the U.S. back in 1998, my grandmother’s sister, who had moved from her village in Abruzzo, Italy, to America in the early 1930s, invited me to a dinner organized by her daughters and many of her descendants in Delaware. Meeting for the first time […]

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