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Poet of the Month: ‘Consuming Waters’ by Catherine Bowman

  All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again. * All rivers mourn into the sea, to the sea’s oiled and feather nevus . Then the water flushed again to the motorways and flows out again to the sea. * […]

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‘Fragile Giants’ by Laura Madeline Wiseman

“It’s Penny, right?” “Yep. That’s me. Quarters, nickels, dimes, and Penny. When you get old, you need sayings to remind you,” says the woman, a blonde in teeny glasses  holding a camera, the strap looped around its body. Behind her on the walls, banners of spiritual words shift. A pastor makes rounds. Spread over tables, […]

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‘Dear Guy Who Made My Avocado Turkey Sandwich’ by Sincere Brooks

Dear Guy Who Made My Avocado Turkey Sandwich, I’m a nice person. I’m easy to please. When I requested an avocado turkey sandwich on rye, I wasn’t asking for special treatment. The sandwich was listed on your menu. To your credit, you didn’t know that I was having an awful day. You probably could have […]

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‘Wing Woman’ by Danielle Sinay

Like my kale, I’m very high maintenance. I too am quite bitter until I’m massaged. But I’m much more a chicken wing, easy, greasy, beautiful; craved by sweaty men swigging bargain brew, belching and belting along to football. All the while fondling their balls. I’m a pumpkin spice lady, a chicken wing woman. Unorthodox anomaly, […]

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‘Bread Is Not The Devil’ by Martha Silano

Bread Is Not the Devil It turns out refined grains are making us fat. It has been noted that the staff of life has become Mephistopheles’ scepter of death. We must “fight the hellish cravings,” free ourselves from the devil that is gluten, from that most evil of all trifectas: challah, pannetone, and baguette. Like […]

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‘Comida: Food for the Displaced’ by Leslie Marie Aguilar

In my mother’s kitchen, comida is the cure for wanderlust. It is soul food for the family that gathers patiently around her thighs as she stirs simmering pots of arroz con pollo, carne guisada, or frijoles a la charra. She chants, my love is home, like an incantation that seasons all her dishes with the […]

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‘Muji Soup,’ by Brett Rawson

Appetizers | Joy of Writing One sweltering summer in New York City, a writing mentor of mine impressed upon me the importance of pre-writing. I spent many afternoons across from her, swaying in her mother’s rocking chair as she stretched out on the sofa. I see her there now—left leg dangling down the side, right […]

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‘Charcuterie’ By David J. Daniels

My first blood sausage was in Alsace, in a cellar restaurant, a sort of medieval cave with a warped stone floor and walls. Months later the man I was there with, an American like me, would no longer be my lover. Blood sausage. Boudin, the French call it. Black pudding, the English say, where it’s […]

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‘The Shame of Health’ by Maggie Wells

The Shame of Health “Let’s just get rid of it. Let’s just take the whole thing out.” “I don’t want to remove any body parts.” “Well, you got three options: One, you get a hysterectomy. Problem solved. Two, you get pregnant as soon as possible. And three, you get Lupron shots. If you were my […]

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‘This Defiant Food’ by Susie Arnett

I spent my first 9 months marinating in the spicy, Korean blood that circulated through my mother’s womb. She ate a lot of kimchee while she was pregnant with me. Kimchee is a fiery, pickled cabbage that is the Korean equivalent of french fries. After I was born, my parents moved to America to set […]

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