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Via Lee Malan, Rooi Rose

Reuben Riffel on Becoming a Top Chef in Post-Apartheid South Africa

  Chef Reuben Riffel on South African food and culture after Apartheid… In his early restaurant jobs, Reuben Riffel worked as a waiter, a barman, and a kitchen hand in his hometown of Franschhoek, South Africa. Eventually he became a sous-chef, helping to run the kitchen at Chamonix Restaurant. One afternoon the executive chef called […]

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TIE Profile of the Month: Nicole Coulter of More Salt Please

In September when I began dabbling in veganism and in YouTube, I came across Nicole Coulter, a vegan chef with colorful, tasty, and inventive recipes. I knew instantly that I’d want to cover her in The Inquisitive Eater’s Profile of the Month series. She has a vast amount of knowledge, creativity, and a knack for […]

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The RocknRoll HiFives enjoying an RV breakfast together.

TIE Profile of the Month: The RocknRoll HighFives

As October draws to a close, I am celebrating the time I got to spend talking to the subject of this month’s profile: the RocknRoll HiFives. Perhaps the most enthusiastic and talented family I’ve ever met, Joe, Gloree, Eilee, and Evren taught me a lot this month about the importance of the breakfast sandwich and […]

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TIE Profile of the Month: Liz Weidhorn of Project Pastry Love

In early September, we had the pleasure of interviewing Liz from Project Pastry Love, a food blogger that documents her pastry-learning journey through bright photos, yummy recipes, and a dash of humor. HR: Could you tell us the story of how your blog came to be? LW: I felt regret in my life, always felt […]

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Reaching Beyond the Plate:  Surfer Foodie Jax Austin On Cuisine, Connection, and Growth

Food is a gateway for Jax Austin.  This wasn’t always true of the Twitter sensation and Travel Channel hopeful – at one time food was both precious and fraught. Now Jax uses the plate as an inroad to the soul, transcending cuisine to document the personal stories of the people he encounters. His star is […]

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Luis Jaramillo in Conversation with Heather Abel, author of Gut Instincts

Co-Editor-in-Chief and Creative Writing Director Luis Jaramillo, MFA ‘01, talks with Heather Abel, MFA ‘01, about her recent Kindle Single, Gut Instincts: Dispatches From the Wide-Open Space Between Sickness and Health. Jaramillo and Abel discuss celiac disease, capitalism and the medical industry, and what it’s like to write about your mother.   Along with being […]

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Sungold … Mexican Midget … Tomatoes!

Susan Marque, MFA ’14, talks to Miriam Rubin about her recent book, Tomatoes: A Savor the South Cookbook (University of North Carolina Press). Watch the video where they discuss everything tomato related, including the historical shunning of this deadly nightshade fruit.

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Bread and Butter: An Interview with Michelle Wildgen

Michelle Wildgen is a writer of impeccable tastes. As culinary and literary mentor, she took me for my first scoop of pear and blue cheese ice cream and gave me my first copy of MFK Fisher’s The Gastronomical Me. As an editor at Tin House, she’s brought food writing to the table from the likes […]

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The Way We Ate: An Interview with Noah Fecks

In his forward, David Kamp calls Noah Fecks and Paul Wagtouicz “immersion experts.” The Way We Ate (Touchstone Books) started as a photographic blog and developed into more than your typical cookbook where over 100 chefs and food personalities translated their version of an historical event into a dish or cocktail. Susan Marque talks to Fecks about […]

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2.Mathew ScratchBread_copyright Randy Duchaine_MG_1616 c

Bread, The Modest Superpower

An interview with Matthew J. Tilden, owner of SCRATCHbread. by Jessica Sennett Matthew J. Tilden lets his cooking speak for itself. SCRATCHbread, his grassroots style company located in Brooklyn, has developed an intense following serving what Tilden calls “jaw dropping deliciousness” out of a window on the corner of Bedford and Lexington Avenue. Customers stumble […]

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