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TIE Essay of the Month: ‘Mayonnaise,’ by Jess Barish

  Growing up, mayonnaise was a tradition. My mom could have had sponsorship with Hellmann’s. The signature yellow and blue label and matching blue lid was never not in our refrigerator. As if in a shrine, the large jar was placed on the top shelf and was seemingly always full, ready to be consumed. Until […]

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‘Sitia-Style Snails,’ by Joan Haladay

Water is the most elemental ingredient of a Greek meal.  It is life and survival reduced to the contents of a glass.  As Henry Miller wrote in The Colossus of  Maroussi,  “…everywhere I saw the glass of water.  It became obsessional.  I began to think of water as a new thing, a new vital element […]

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TIE Essay of the Month: ‘Eating & Not Eating’, by Holly Rice

When I was thirteen, my mother and father bred Berkshire pigs. We kept a few for the freezer and sent the rest off to be packaged and sold. The first time our sow had her litter, my father woke me at five in the morning to watch her give birth. The piglets and their mother […]

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‘Alpiner’, by Amy Lawless

1 Let me tell you something: climbing a mountain builds character. On top of that, I believe that every young person should climb at least one mountain around puberty. It will teach all sorts of important skills [e.g., to increase spatial awareness, to maneuver tricky physical spaces, to hone a healthy fear of death, to […]

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‘Consider The Apple’, by Kate Angus

Consider the Apple And its many names      Akero: pale green strewn with white like light snow dusting leaves. Ambrosia. Annurca: the oldest, depicted in tiled frescoes beneath Herculaneum’s ashes. Arkansas Black hangs as coal in the trees. Ballyfatten, Belle de Boskoop, Bloody Ploughman. Carter’s Blue like the winter sky in cloud-heavy bloom. The […]

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‘Love’s Banquet,’ by David Lehman

If poetry is love’s banquet, with minstrels reciting tales of cities sacked and sea voyages wrecked while the princely hosts and their guests lift their sacramental chalices and sip the liqueurs of contentment, Play on, not to the sensual ear but to the spirit ditties of no tone. Play on, if music be the food […]

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Via Food Tank

Food Tank’s Reading List: 17 Books for Winter 2017

  Food Tank’s most recent book recommendations… Feed more than your belly this new year: Food Tank has gathered the latest reads for Winter 2016/2017, from the memoirs of an Asian-American peach farmer to the best manual for permaculture design. When Winter’s chill has you feeling gloomy, grab a book from the list below, and come […]

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Hope And All Necessary Action, by Justin Marks

It’s inauguration day. Instead of watching the ceremony, I go to our local seafood market where they have a special on fresh salmon. I go to the grocery store for heads of cauliflower and broccoli. The bakery for baklava and sfogliatelle. A meal for the whole family. I baste the salmon in a mix of […]

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TIE Essay of the Month: ‘The Seventh Wish’, by Thais Vitorelli

New Year’s is my absolute favorite holiday. I love to dance around all the different superstitions between families and cultures. I guess most of it has to do with the energy that predominates the last day of the year. It is the only day in which everyone is wishing for the same things as you […]

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Will, by Leah Umansky

I listen to the dark, that souvenir of light. What is darned and holed. I listen to the darts, the ends of their lines. Sometimes, I mute my reds to mauves, it is a slight denial, but some turns are slight. Sometimes, I want to scream, but I don’t. * The way we move through […]

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