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Infographic: The Paleo Revolution

Submitted by Coding Notes. 

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Graphic Design: Food Wheel

by Claudia Vitarelli This project addresses seasonal food and educating the general public. This info-graph, targeted for the Italian market, aims to teach, in a simple visual way, about the vegetables and fruits in season. The project includes information about food production in Italy and the prototype for a learning and shopping tool.  This all supports the notion […]

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Photography: Connecting Over Food in Vietnam

by Eve Turow Click on the photo for a larger slideshow. Eve Turow is Deputy Editor of The Inquisitive Eater.  Her work as appeared on The Atlantic and The Chicago Tribune and she is a frequent contributor to NPR’s Kitchen Window.  You can find more on her work, writing and photography, at her website

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Photography: Everyday Synesthesia

by Valeria Necchio I am attracted and intrigued by food from many points of view. The esthetic side of it, though, is the one that has always interested me the most. In my pictures food can be both alone or in a context, but it will never be just food. Valeria Necchio graduated from the […]

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Photography: Bangkok’s Chinatown

by Eve Turow Eve Turow is the Deputy Editor of The Inquisitive Eater and a freelance writer living in New York City.  You can find more of her photography and writing at

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Photography: Winter Sunday Fare

by Cristina Sciarra Cristina Sciarra is an MFA candidate in Fiction Writing at The New School University in New York City. In her spare time, she likes to cook and take pictures, often at the same time. Follow her exploits in the kitchen and behind the camera at

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Photography: The Forgotten Slice of Christmas

by Kunal Chandra Nearly 7 million tons of food are thrown away in the United Kingdom every year. This set of pictures is of a humble little slice of beet root forgotten during our Christmas feast. It serves as a personal reminder to respect and honor every ingredient. (Click on the photographs for a larger […]

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Submersion 2

Photography: Submersion

By Eleanor West Here, artist Eleanor West submerged vegetables, herbs, and other edible goods into a viscous liquid to partially distort the object, providing a static feeling in the image. (Click on the image for a larger gallery.)

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