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Eat Now Or Forever Hold Your Piece: The Layered History Of Wedding Cake

  A look back at wedding cakes… On June 2, 1886, 28 fashionable guests gathered solemnly in the Blue Room of the White House in anticipation of a rare matrimonial event. President Grover Cleveland, a notorious bachelor at 49, was to wed 21-year-old Frances Folsom after a yearlong clandestine engagement. Wedding invitations had been sent […]

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Skittles, Champagne And Cigars: A New Generation Of Flavor Pairings

  Cigar sommeliers seek to perfect drink and cigar pairings… Just a couple of decades ago, there might have been an ashtray on your restaurant table, while bartenders with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths poured your cocktails. However, the rise of smoke-free bars and restaurants across the U.S. means that most diners no longer […]

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‘Vegetable Whisperer’ Chef Plants The Seeds Of His Own Reinvention

  The story of Chef Jeremy Fox… Some people call Jeremy Fox the “vegetable whisperer,” the California chef who can coax remarkable flavors out of every part of his produce, even the flowers and leaves that most chefs throw away. One of his famous first-course dishes combines twice-shucked spring peas with macadamia nuts and white […]

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Via Amy E. Robertson for NPR

Maamoul: An Ancient Cookie That Ushers In Easter And Eid In The Middle East

  The tradition and history surrounding maamoul… Be it Easter or Eid, holidays in the Levantine region of the Middle East are incomplete without a shortbread cookie called maamoul. Stuffed with date paste or chopped walnuts or pistachios, and dusted with powdered sugar, these buttery cookies are the perfect reward after a month of fasting […]

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A World Of Flavors In A Single Dish: How Jewish Food Spread Across The Globe

  On Joan Nathan’s newest cookbook… With a taste of just a single dish from a Jewish family’s table at Passover, Joan Nathan can tell a global story. The Jewish cooking legend, who has nearly a dozen books to her name, has documented the worldwide reach of Jewish food for her latest, King Solomon’s Table: […]

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Farmers could lead the way on climate action. Here’s how.

  How farmers could work to combat climate change… President Trump, congressional Republicans, and most American farmers share common positions on climate change: They question the science showing human activity is altering the global climate and are skeptical of using public policy to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. But farmers are in a unique position to […]

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When Gluten Is The Villain, Could A Common Virus Be The Trigger?

  New research reveals a connection between celiac disease and a virus… A new study raises a novel idea about what might trigger celiac disease, a condition that makes patients unable to tolerate foods containing gluten. The study suggests that a common virus may be to blame. For people with celiac disease, gluten can wreak […]

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Oaky, With Notes Of BS: Why Wine Tasting Struggles To Get It On The Nose

  On wine tasting… To get you to buy a bottle of champagne, M. Cole Chilton, the face who was always behind the counter of my neighborhood wine store in Brooklyn, would send out emails with elaborate descriptions: “I taste like sunshine, and I tell of brighter days ahead. I will make you forget that […]

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California’s Drought Is Over, but the Rest of the World’s Water Problems Are Just Beginning

  On global drought issues… After California’s wetter-than-normal winter—and the official end to its drought—you’re probably not thinking much about water scarcity and the food supply. But our food-and-water woes go well beyond the Sunshine State’s latest precipitation patterns, as this new Nature study from a global team of researchers—including two from the NASA Goddard Institute […]

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The Real Reason Coffee Has Gotten So Fancy

The evolution of a cup of coffee… If you’ve stepped into a hip coffee shop lately, or bought a bag of gourmet beans to grind at home, you’ve probably noticed something: Coffee now arrives with lots of information about where it came from, sometimes as specific as the name of the farm where it was […]

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