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The Unsavory History of Sugar, the Insatiable American Craving

  The history of America’s sugar addiction… The governor’s wife died more than 300 years ago in colonial Maryland. Her coffin was made of expensive lead and her wrists were bound with silk ribbons. But one of the most telling signs of Anne Wolseley Calvert’s wealth was the condition of her teeth. “She’d lost 20, […]

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How Coffee, Chocolate and Tea Overturned a 1,500-Year-Old Medical Mindset

  Varying opinions on the medicinal value of coffee, tea, and chocolate… When Italian botanist Prospero Alpini traveled to Egypt in 1580, he discovered a world of unusual plants—strangely shaped bananas, bright red opium poppies, chunky baobab trees. After returning to Europe three years later, Alpini publicized his findings in two volumes, De Plantis Aegypti […]

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Many Of California’s Salmon Populations Unlikely To Survive The Century

  Further impacts of climate change and industrialized agriculture… Wild Chinook salmon, probably the most prized seafood item on the West Coast, could all but vanish from California within a hundred years, according to a report released Tuesday. The authors, with the University of California, Davis, and the conservation group California Trout, name climate change, […]

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If Raw Fruits Or Veggies Give You A Tingly Mouth, It’s A Real Syndrome

  What is Oral Allergy Syndrome? If you’ve ever noticed an itchy or tingly sensation in your mouth after biting into a raw apple, carrot, banana or any of the fruits and veggies listed here, read on. People who are allergic to pollen are accustomed to runny eyes and sniffles this time of year. But […]

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How To Give Vegan ‘Ice Cream’ That Creamy Taste, Minus The Milk

  A look at the making of vegan ice cream… It was 2 a.m. on a Sunday night in January 2016. Ben and Jerry’s flavor guru, Kirsten Schimoler, had been at the ice cream plant in St. Albans, Vt., all weekend. Now she stood mesmerized in the wee hours as 180 cups of non-dairy almond […]

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Grocery Stores: ‘The Best Of America And The Worst Of America’

  An interview with Michael Ruhlman… Grocery stores in America have changed from neighborhood corner markets to multimillion-dollar chains that sell convenience — along with thousands of products — to satisfy the demand of the country’s hungry consumers. What caused this transformation? And what will our grocery stores be like in the future? Award-winning food […]

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Why Are Americans Drinking Less Cow’s Milk? Its Appeal Has Curdled

  A look at the decline in American milk consumption… When’s the last time you had a glass of cow’s milk? Americans are drinking a lot less milk than they used to. According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, the average person drinks 18 gallons a year. Back in the 1970s it was more like 30 […]

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Food To Cure What Ails You: When Cookbooks Treated Meals As Medicine

  A look back at some early American cookbooks… Browse through some turn-of-the-century American cookbooks, and it’s obvious that popular tastes have changed (such as the presence of fried cornmeal mush and the absence of cilantro). But more striking than the shift in flavors and ingredients is the focus on feeding those who are sick […]

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A Lost Rice Variety — And The Story Of The Freed ‘Merikins’ Who Kept It Alive

  The story of hill rice… A grain of rice, like a grain of sand, sifts through your hands with a mysterious and lovely sameness. Mostly white or tan, hundreds or thousands of grains pour smoothly out of buckets, out of burlap, into bowls, with a sound like small waterfalls. Rice seems so simple, really. […]

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Here’s What Michelle Obama Thinks About Trump’s School Lunch Rules

  Former First Lady Michelle Obama on the Trump administration’s school lunch changes… When it comes to feeding kids a healthy diet, “it’s not politics, it’s parenting,” Michelle Obama said Friday. And then she got a little fired up. Without ever naming President Trump, the former first lady took aim at changes the administration announced […]

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