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Applebee’s Gives Up On Millennials After Failed Rebranding Efforts

  Millennials are killing Applebee’s… Applebee’s announced this month that more than 130 of its restaurants will close by the end of the year. The casual dining chain rebranded itself in the past few years as a modern bar and grill. Applebee’s executive John Cywinski recently told investors that the company had hoped the effort […]

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Three Billion People Cook Over Open Fires ― With Deadly Consequences

Tackling the health risks of wood burning, open fire stoves…. On Easter Sunday morning, in the small town of San Antonio Aguas Calientes in central Guatemala, Elbia Pérez and her sister, daughters, and 18-month-old grandson are crowded around their kitchen table. On the table, a large pot of tamales, handfuls of spicy meat and corn […]

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Popular Pesticides Keep Bumblebees From Laying Eggs

  Pesticides are killing bumblebees… Wild bees, such as bumblebees, don’t get as much love as honeybees, but they should. They play just as crucial a role in pollinating many fruits, vegetables and wildflowers, and compared to managed colonies of honeybees, they’re in much greater jeopardy. A group of scientists in the United Kingdom decided to look at […]

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How Midwestern Farmers Could Help Save the Gulf of Mexico

  On the connection between farming and water quality… If you pay state taxes in Maryland, you fund a program that gives farmers as much as $90 per acre—$22,500 annually for a typical corn operation—to plant a crop that’s not even intended for harvest. This absurd-sounding initiative cost the state’s coffers a cool $24 million in 2015. Yet I […]

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Via Joy Ho for NPR

Gnawing Questions: Is Sugar From Fruit The Same As Sugar From Candy?

  A nutritionist breaks down the different types of sugar… If vegetables are the monarchs of nutritious eating, fruits have always been part of the royal court — not quite as important, but still worthy of respect. But now that nutrition guidelines are cracking down on sugar, some people are questioning fruits’ estimable role in a […]

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Industrial Meat Production is Killing Our Seas. It’s Time to Change Our Diets

How eating meat impacts the environment… Every spring, as the snows thaw, water rushes down the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, spreading life, then death into the Gulf of Mexico. The floodwaters are laden with fertilisers washed from fields and factory farms. As spring turns to summer, excessive nutrients first drive a huge bloom of living […]

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For The Love Of Huckleberries: August Brings Out Hunters Of Elusive Fruit

    On huckleberries… Starting in late summer, national forests in Northwestern states like Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho fill with eager berry hunters hoping to find a cache of dark maroon huckleberries. It’s common for demand to exceed supply, leading to conflicts between Native Americans who have certain reserved picking areas, commercial pickers, and […]

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Photo by Dillon Burke

Professional Food Instagrammer Shares His Top Tips

On the business of Instagramming food… A professional food Instagrammer who works directly with restaurants to make their dishes more shareable on social media, opened up about his top tips for taking food photos in an interview with “Good Morning America.” Dillon Burke, 27, the co-founder of “Front of House,” a digital branding and marketing […]

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Abby Driscoll tends to her daily chores on her family owned farm Tuesday July, 25, 2017 Newton, Wi. The Driscolls like many dairy farms are dependent on migrant workers to help with the many aspects of running a farm. They along with many other farms are now running into issues getting help due to the current administrations stance on immigration making many workers return to home countries in fear of being arrested in the United States while looking for work. CREDIT: Darren Hauck for Center for Investigative Reporting

No Sanctuary, Fewer Farmhands: How Dairyland Suffers Under Trump Agenda

How Trump’s immigration policies are harming the dairy industry… As one of the state’s largest industries and the core of its Cheesehead identity, dairy production is heavily dependent on immigrant workers. Farmers say few if any U.S. citizens apply for these jobs. In addition, while farmers who grow seasonal crops such as blueberries can bring temporary […]

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ABC’s ‘Pink Slime’ Report Tied to $177 Million in Settlement Costs

On Beef Products ‘Pink Slime’ lawsuit…. The Walt Disney Company said in its latest quarterly financial statement that it had $177 million in costs related to settling litigation. The announcement came just weeks after ABC News, a Disney unit, reached a settlement with a meat producer that accused the network of defamation for its reports about so-called pink slime, […]

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