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How Lemonade Helped Paris Fend Off Plague And Other Surprising ‘Food Fights’

Did a thirst for lemonade, the beverage that launched a thousand childhood businesses, keep Paris safe from the bubonic plague? Did ergot poisoning lead to the Crusades? According to a new book by Tom Nealon, food writer and antiquarian bookseller, it’s a distinct possibility. Read on at The Salt.

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Joseph W. Rogers, a Founder of Waffle House, Dies at 97

Joseph W. Rogers, a founder of Waffle House, the restaurant chain that achieved a kind of cultural renown with its no-frills menu, attentive service and round-the-clock hours, died on Friday in Atlanta. He was 97. The company announced his death on Monday. Joe Rogers Jr., who succeeded his father as chief executive in the late 1970s […]

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Farmers Fight Environmental Regulations

  Ongoing water fights between environmentalists and farmers… The way environmentalist Craig Cox sees it, streams and rivers across much of the country are suffering from the side effects of growing our food. Yet the people responsible for that pollution, America’s farmers, are fighting any hint of regulation to prevent it… Across the Midwest, he […]

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You’re Using Recipes Wrong

  Why cookbooks may create a fundamental problem during meal preparation… On the Guardian website, the Australian chef Adam Liaw articulates a fundamental problem with recipes, the building blocks of cookbooks: Recipes teach a modern style of cooking that is focused solely on eating meals, to the exclusion of kitchen craft and home economics. Making […]

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Just One Small Problem With This Major Report on GMO Safety

  Authors of GMO report are believed to have ties to big ag… About a year ago, the prestigious National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine produced a 584-page report assessing the health, environmental, and agronomic impact of genetically modified crops. The conclusion: GMOs have so far proved to be neither a disaster nor a […]

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Courtesy of Dr. Eijiro Miyako

Rise Of The Robot Bees: Tiny Drones Turned Into Artificial Pollinators

  The future of pollination? Often considered pests, frightful little creatures with a nasty sting, bees play a critical role in agriculture and the pollination of countless crops. Without them, many varieties of fruits and vegetables would come to an end… Bee deaths have been on the rise, with losses outpacing colonies’ ability to regenerate. […]

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A Dip In Global Prices Creates Cocoa Crisis For Ivory Coast’s Farmers

  The impacts of a decline in cocoa prices… In all his 50 years, Georges Kouamé Koffi has eaten chocolate once. “Someone gave me a piece to try,” says the cocoa farmer. “It was lovely.” Chocolate bars are on sale at a store in his city of San Pedro, in southwestern Ivory Coast. “But they […]

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Unscrambling the Nutrition Science on Eggs

  What’s the real story on the nutritional value of eggs? Historically, when humans have sought a reliable source of calories – particularly one that can be readily nabbed from an unsuspecting animal with minimal exertion and zero horticulture skills – we have often turned to eggs… Yet in the late 1970s, our egg appreciation […]

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The Beauty and Horror of “Grocerants”

  How safe is prepared food from the grocery store? After the 2008 recession, people started eating out less, and restaurants have struggled to rebound ever since. On the other hand, the number of people grabbing lunch or dinner at the grocery store, or taking home meals prepared there, has risen nearly 30 percent over the […]

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Starbucks To Open In Italy, Home Of Espresso, In 2018. Italian Cafes Say Bring It

  Starbucks is set to open a roastery in Milan… Starbucks has come full circle. More than three decades ago, during a trip to Milan, Howard Schultz was inspired to turn the coffeehouse chain into a space that served as a community gathering place. Now Schultz, the company’s CEO, has announced Starbucks is opening its […]

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