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TIE Story of the Month: ‘The Bend in Newell Road,’ by Emilia Monell

It starts with a dessert. You see, Leonard Black was someone who did not particularly care for meringue cookies. He found them a bit too deceptive for his liking. How could it be that they looked so wonderfully crunchy on the exterior and then, within seconds, that same hearty crunch would disintegrate into piles of […]

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TIE Story of the Month: ‘Hoagie’, by Jack McKenna

Dad, you carve eggplants with the sickly kitchen knife, then place the slices onto the sandwich you’ll be feeding me. It’s a hoagie, and when it’s done it’ll be filled with meat, very manly, and topped with a garden of vegetables all cut with the diseased knife. The knife is an old heirloom, brought to […]

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TIE Story of the Month: ‘Foodie Cultured’, by Anju Treohan

     For their first date, they met for happy hour. Ben suggested Inde Blu, a classy little restaurant with an Indian inspired—not fusion—menu. Sonia thought it was kind of cute, like– Oh! He’s picking an Indian restaurant because I’m Indian. She didn’t call him out on it. She told him it was a great […]

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TIE Story Of The Month: ‘The Separation of Things’, by Chelsea Wolf

When he left, he took the ketchup. I remember looking at it lying on top of a box filled with assorted condiments and packages of Rice-A-Roni and Mac & Cheese. We had bought it at Trader Joe’s the month before. It wasn’t even good ketchup. Not like the specialty eel sauce. This he took. Or […]

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TIE Story of the Month: ‘The Island’, by Dina Lee

By the time the ferry docked and they climbed into the taxi, the sun was already at high noon.  Mara knew this island intimately despite having never set foot on it until today.  She knew how high the coconut trees grew, how green the sugarcanes were, how white the wispy haze on the horizon became […]

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TIE Story of the Month: ‘The Potluck’, by Lia Ryerson

Last week That Tracy threw a big party and our invitation came in the mail. Her name is actually just Tracy, and she is my 4th grade class’s Parent Representative of the Month. When I asked my mom why she has never been my 4th grade class’s Parent Representative of the Month, she did that […]

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TIE Story of the Month: ‘Saucisson’, by Ali Osworth

Because I’d never driven before, they arranged for a carpool with the music teacher, who lived in the same trailer park I’d moved to. He was young, like me, and dressed like he was pretending to be a professor. I don’t even think his glasses were real. But I guess I was trying to look […]

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‘Do You Like Pinabora?’ by José García

I used to live in a building that belonged to a Pakistani family. “Welcome,” I was greeted once, after class, by one of the owners. “What’s your name?” “José, from Guatemala,” I said. Before coming to NY I had spent a week in Miami with other international students so I picked up the habit of […]

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Young Eaters: ’12-Year-Old Angry Vegan’ by Lauren La Torre

12-Year-Old Angry Vegan by Lauren La Torre The day Toby died was the day I became vegan. Toby was my best friend. Okay, it sounds a little lame for a fish to be your best friend, but he was. We were exactly the same age, and I mean we were both exactly twelve. My parents […]

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Foodnews 11.13.14 cod

Regulators Ban Cod Fishing In Gulf Of Maine As Stocks Dwindle

  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is shutting down cod fishing, from Provincetown, Mass., up to the Canadian border, in an effort to reverse plummeting numbers of the iconic fish in the Gulf of Maine…”This is uncalled for,” says Joseph Orlando, a fishermen who trawls for cod off the coast of Gloucester, Mass., just […]

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