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Food, Traditions, Technologies

  I have always loved my mother’s spaghetti alla chitarra, a specialty from Abruzzo, her parents’ native region. It is a mountain area, with great artisanal products and a hearty local cuisine. This kind of spaghetti is made by pressing a long strip of thin pasta dough with a rolling pin over a frame on which […]

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Honey at the Gruczno Festival

Gifts of the Wild: Foraging and Hunting in Poland

  It is extraordinary how foraging plays a central role in Polish cuisine. Mushrooms, berries, and wild plants are featured in everyday recipes and practices. Many of the people I have been meeting in my trips to Poland – and not all of them are operating in the field of food – have stories about […]

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Women and Food: Creating Narratives, Producing Sustenance

  Who produces what we eat? Who cooks? Where? And for whom? These seemingly ordinary questions reveal the dynamics underlying many of our every day experiences around food. Who cooks at home and who does so at a restaurant? Who cooks as a profession and who does so as a form or caregiving? Whose job […]

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Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Dining on Climate Data: Using Food to Explain Climate Change.

  With Rebeka Ryvola, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre A pizza pie that demonstrates the proportion or clean vs. fossil fuel energy with a perfectly edible and appetizing portion while the remaining two thirds of it are unsavory, burnt? An exquisite dessert with an unexpected garnish of crickets inviting western populations to explore alternative, […]

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May Market Report, by Stacey Harwood-Lehman

One of the best things, or maybe the best thing, about teaching Food Narratives at the New School is learning about the customs and cultures of the students. Over the years I’ve had students from all over the United States plus Israel, India, Thailand, the Philippines, China, Brazil, and elsewhere.  I’ve had American-born students with […]

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Grace Bonney, second from left, receives a welcome donation.

March Market Report, By Stacey Harwood-Lehman

Have you heard the one about the man who wanted to win the lottery? Every week he went to synagogue to pray. “God,” he said, “I know I haven’t been perfect but I really need to win the lottery! Please help me out.” A week went by and he hadn’t won the lottery so he […]

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Designing the Future of Food

  We can learn something – actually quite a lot – about our culture by looking at how we imagine the future of food. Are we all going to starve, as Malthus prophesied back in the eighteenth century? Or will we find ways to feed the growing humankind? And what kind of resilience will we […]

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Japan Monthly Web Magazine

Japan’s National Cuisine: History And Invention

Growing numbers of consumers – especially among those with higher buying power, who enjoy the privilege of choosing what to eat – have shown interest for foods that are connected with traditions, specific places, and particular individuals. As a response to globalization and the industrialization of food production, the myth of authenticity has acquired market […]

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Eataly World

Eataly World: Bringing Production to Consumers

There is little doubt that increasing numbers of consumers around the world are showing enthusiastic interest for Italian food. Ingredients and dishes are featured in stores and restaurants, while home cooks familiarize themselves with regional traditions and culinary techniques. The 2015 Milano Expo reinforced the prominence of Italian gastronomy, stimulating producers, exporters, chefs, and even […]

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Dollie Johnson in the White House kitchen (circa 1890)

African Americans, food, and the White House: the value of diversity

We have just witnessed the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States. Not knowing what the political future of the country holds, we are trying to make sense of the signals that the new president gave during the campaign and the transition. Based on his cabinet choices, his impromptu pronouncements on twitter, and […]

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