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Pioneers Of High-Quality Near Beer Are Banking On Non-Drinking Binges

On non-alcoholic beer…

Jeff Stevens decided to give up alcohol when he was 24.

He’s 50 now — and he’s had no regrets about going sober for the sake of his health. Except for one thing: He has really missed good beer.

“If you’re drinking, you have an infinite amount of things you can drink,” Stevens says. Shelves are full of craft IPAs, stouts and bitters. “Whereas only about half the bars I’ve been to have a non-alcoholic beer. And if they do, it’s usually just one choice.”

Usually, it didn’t taste very good, which was especially disappointing for Stevens — a beer buff who did marketing for booze companies. “There’s this craft beer explosion happening all over the U.S., but no one is making non-alcoholic versions,” Stevens says.

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