Via Xavier Buendia/Courtesy of Doug McMaster


Continuing the discussion on food waste…

Chef Douglas McMaster’s flagship restaurant, Silo, takes that “industrial chic”aesthetic that dominates the modern dining scene to a whole new level. Located an hour south of London, in Brighton, England, the restaurant inhabits a 180-year-old building that’s been styled into something like a barn — or maybe a grain silo. Let’s call it pre-industrial chic.

After all, McMaster has said that Silo isn’t a restaurant so much as it is a “a pre-industrial food system that generates zero waste.”

Zero waste has become a sort of buzzword in the foodie world recently. From San Francisco to New York, London to Amsterdam, restaurateurs are challenging themselves to reduce the staggering amount of food waste that the industry generates (an estimated 571,000 tons annually by U.S. restaurants alone) and the amount of other resources they use — including electricity and water. From rejecting plastic straws to making byproducts like whey the star of a meal — restaurants are approaching that challenge in different ways.

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