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On the history of Hass avocados…

Looking for a sign of the apocalypse? Consider this: Our global obsession with guacamole and avocado toast has helped spawn record avocado pricesfinancial woes for millennials and even an uptick in avocado-related crime.

Recently, three men were busted for selling off more than $300,000 worth of Hass avocados. They’d stolen the produce from the California agriculture firm that employed them, then passed them off at discount prices that seemed—and were—too good to be true. “Avocados are very subject to theft,” says Mary Lu Arpaia, a horticulturist and expert avocado breeder at the University of California at Riverside. “If you’re not very honest, it’s sometimes easy picking.” Call it Grand Theft Avo.

Read on at Smithsonian Magazine.

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