9 Foods That (Almost) Never Go Bad

Via Food&Wine

Via Food&Wine


Americans waste about 40% of food supplies annually, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Here are nine foods with long shelf-lives…

Buy almost anything from the grocery store and it will come with an expiration date—a ticking time bomb until you have to throw out that bottle of soy sauce you never opened. But don’t toss it just yet: A new, nifty infographic shows that several common kitchen items have a longer shelf life than you might expect. Why? As Keri Gans, R.D.N. and author of the book The Small Change Diet, explains, “the expiration date only applies to the nutritional value of the product,” and not its safety to eat. Shelf-stable foods, like these 10, could last well after their expiration date—so long as you give them a good once-over for signs of discoloration, odor, or compromised packaging, Gans says.

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