Working Near Trump Tower Has Become a Nightmare

Working so close to Trump Tower, we have to take things here day-by-day because every day is a new rumor. It’s different for anyone who doesn’t work around here. When they read the news or about some crazy new rumor, it doesn’t have a direct effect on them like it does to our everyday lives. I hear rumors from my staff or others who work close by all the time. However, the one that concerns me the most is about Trump not wanting to live in the White House, and that he might want to stay in Trump Tower instead. When I heard that, I said, “That can’t be true. You have to be at the White House.” It’s makes no sense—you can’t run a country from your apartment in New York City. It’s affected me in a big way because then we have to think about what’s the big picture for the restaurant? If he’s living nearby or visiting often, is it going to affect business? Are we going to lose our sales? Do I have to fire people? What’s my daily life going in to work for myself? Is it going to be harder? One day, is it going to be “OK, no problem, pass on by,” but then the next day is, “I’m sorry, but I need to see ID,” and then we get patted down? Every day is something new. It changes your attitude, it changes your thought process.

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