The Most Beautiful Restaurants of 2016

Via Eater

Via Eater

If there was one key look to master in 2016 it was the tropical vibe, whether taking that in a retro direction as at Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco or in a contemporary way as at Agrikol in Montreal. But thankfully, this year’s crop of stunners is a rich set, and no two restaurants feel like carbon-copies. “It seems that for the most part, this roster of restaurants has escaped the land of Edison bulbs, Tolix chairs, and reclaimed-wood-everything,” Xie says. She points to the “daringly grungy-cool” design of Nashville’s Old Glory and to the “unabashed tropical flair” of New Orleans’s the Caribbean Room as refreshing examples of restaurant designers expanding the industry vocabulary.

Here now, Eater’s guide to the most stunning restaurant designs of 2016 — and do keep an eye out for the asterisks indicating Xie’s picks for best of the year.

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