This video from an interview with Pierre Thiam this past Spring is a must see.

Sponsored by the Food Studies Program (… ) and the Jazz and Contemporary Music Program in the College of Performing Arts ( at The New School, chef and restaurateur Pierre Thiam, author of the successful cookbook Senegal: Modern Senegalese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl, will discuss the unique food culture of his native Senegal – as well as the influence of African practices and dishes on the development of American foodways – with Fabio Parasecoli, director of Food Studies Initiatives at The New School (

As cosmopolitan gourmets continue looking for the next new trend, many culinary traditions around the world are just now drawing the attention they deserve. West African cuisines are finally acquiring visibility, thanks to their interesting ingredients, their complexity, and their long history. The conversation will also explore the diffusion of West African cuisines abroad and the problems they face, from product availability to business challenges and customers perception.

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